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Huncho's Luscious Reshade Preset 1


//DISCLAMER\\ The screenshots were taken with Razed's Natural Vision Evolved mod.

All photos were taken while on RSM Freeroam (a FiveM server)

Hit me up on discord @HunchoChristian0784 for questions or discussion

Works with SP and FiveM

Do Not Run Online

What this mod does:

The best way to describe Luscious is like a steak, thick cultured and juicy. You wont be disappointed when you first load into your game and turn it on. It will mostly likely turn you on in fact.

My PC and Settings:

I use NVE and Reshade to make my graphics look a lot better, while having a Standard computer. I have a Intel I5 core, a Nvidia 970 graphics card (low-end), and 16gb of Ram. All photos and examples were taken on NVE's medium setting, and GTA 5's medium/high settings.


This mod priortizes visuals over fps. Although in this case, that fps lost is around 5-10, and with a good GPU, probably less. You may experience a random major drop of around 30 fps, but this is a reshade buffer/lag problem that occurs regardless of what shaders you have on. It should only last a few seconds.

To install the preset, you need to:

1- Have reshade installed. If you don't already have it, download it to your GTA 5 directory, even if you are running this on FiveM.

2- Once installed replace the "reshade-shaders" folder, in your GTA 5 directory, with the one I included in the mod. If you already have a shaders folder with addition shaders you would like to use, open each folder in "reshade shaders" and drop in the Additional ones for Luscious.

3- finally, place the "Luscious.ini" in your GTA 5 directory, I STRONGLY recommend making a folder for it called "reshade presets" that way its in a spot that's easier to find in the Reshade menu.

4- Check it out what your game looks like, and maybe make your own modifications if you want.

If you have any questions, Hit me up on discord. There are also detailed videos on Youtube that will show you how to not only apply it to Gta5/Five M but on any game you want, not to mention Reshade offers a In-Depth tutorial on how their menu and system works.

Feel free to comment a question, compliment, or hate speech
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