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Damaged House [MapEditor] 1.0


Many years ago, when Sandy Shores was live, a man with his wife were living in a beautiful house. they lived in there for many years.
But, unfortunately, the wife died because of cancer. Then, the man has no chance to live without her. He left that house with all of his memories.
After 28 years, man comes back to the house, but he sees the house is damaged and destroyed. No wall, no roof. the cabinets, chairs, and all of his furniture were stolen.
Yes, He comes back to live again, with old memories. He decided to rebuild the house. but He has not enough money to do that well. So He bought some fences to build walls, some wooden planks to rebuild the roof.
He also bought some tables, chairs and cabinets. a small TV, and a cheap Laptop. He also put his wife picture on top of his bed. All done. Some days later, When He was on top of the roof, suddenly the roof broke and he felt. As you can see he couldn't repair the roof and rear damaged wall.
Now, he sells his house. Do you want to see his house?
Thanks for reading this small story. If you like it, your welcome ;D

- copy the damagedhouse.xml to your root GTA V directory. (I created a "map" folder and placed all of my maps in one folder).
- Open map editor menu by pressing F7.
- press load.
- and select xml.
- now enter the name of my map on the text field. example: damagedhouse
(if you have "maps" directory and you place my map in there, so type full path in the text field: maps\damagedhouse)
- Wait a while until the map load.

* If you got problems, or have suggestions, just comment and tell me to I do my best work.

Thanks for download.
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