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[MLO] ikON Projects [Add-On SP] + script 3.04



ikON Projects 03.00 for GTAV

3.0 is finally here with a standalone dlc pack.
This is my updated global modification for the game when I trying to merge all my knoweledge into one mod, with some real MLO's, ymaps, with scripted teleports, edited scennarios, for the best gaming experience.

About MLO's: Im using basic MLO's for this, but with edited interiors.
About ymaps: lot of new locations, (car generators, "interiors", etc.) basically with props.

Online maps must be enabled, otherwise most of the interiors not loading!

The mod compatible with all other preferred mods.

===== Credits:

R* for this awesome game
@dexyfex for CodeWalker
@Skylumz/Sollumz for Blender plugin
@OpenIV Team for this great tool

===== Programs required:

- latest version of the game
- OpenIV
- Script Hook V
- Script Hook V .NET

===== 03.00 Project contains:

- Vespucci Helipad with open barriers [ymap]
- Vespucci Beach Apartment with garage [MLO]
- Pump & Run GYM [ymap]
- Bean coffee terrace [ymap]
- Sessanta Nove VIP [ymap]
- Real Estate Agency [MLO]
- Startup Office [MLO]
- LSIA VIP with garage [MLO]
- Post OP Depository Office [MLO]
- Port of Los Santos with open barriers [ymap]
- Pacific Bluffs Laundry [MLO]
- Hawk & Little Research Workshop [MLO]
- Blaine County Depot [MLO]
- Blaine County Office with garage [MLO]
- Paleto Bay construction site [ymap]
- Smoke on the Water Grow House [MLO]
- Gruppe Sechs HQ [MLO]
- Palmer-Taylor Power Station [ymap]

===== Updates:

- Optional Christmas Decoration
- Updated Script (with Controller Support)
- Vespucci Beach Apartment with garage [MLO] [Updated Interior]

===== 03.01 Project contains:

- Undergroung Club [The DJ plays User Radio, so you can choose your own party songs.]
- Audio Emitters to all preffered locations [After years I figured out, how can I use music emitters anywhere are I want...]
- Cayo Perico [Completly remove the gates, all the vehicles apaers in the correct locations, just like online, with forced gererator. Completly removed the fences from the beach, and the mansion too. Dinamic doors, so You can use all entrence for the mansion]
- Cayo Perico Tour [This script help you reach more easily the island. It cost 750$ (round trip ticket), and one hour of flight. You need enable first the location with trainer!]

===== 03.02 Project contains:

- Kortz Center Office [MLO]
- Vinewood Bowl Office [MLO]
- Undergroung Club VIP Entrance [MLO]
- Palomino Avenue Parking Area [ymap]

===== 03.03 Project contains:

- Alpha Mail Office - Terminal, Port of Los Santos [MLO]
- RON - Tataviam Mountains [MLO]
- RON and 24/7 - Route 68, Lago Zancudo [MLO]
- RON - Perth Street [MLO]
- RON - Macdonald Street [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Magellan Avenue [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Morningwood Boulevard [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Heritage Way [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Eclipse Medical Tower [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Peaceful Street [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Atlee Street [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Simmet Alley [MLO]
- Bean Machine - Galileo Observatory [MLO]
- MMI new entrance [MLO]
- Fixed Premium Deluxe Motorsport broken window [MLO]

===== 03.04 Project contains:

- All RON - New Interior (comptibility for the safe cracker game) [MLO]
- All Old Office - New Interior (comptibility for the safe cracker game) [MLO]
- Real Estate Agency - New Interior [MLO]
- TECHNOLOGIE Lounge - the whole place was rebuilt [MLO]
- and several hidden location [MLO] on the map for the Safe Cracker game :)

ikON Safe Cracker game for ikONProjects 03.04 or above

Lets you crack the safe in the offices, and some hidden places. (a total of 10 places around the map)
All credits to @aimless for the source.

===== Recommended mods:

- Simple Trainer
- Repair map
- Do Ped stuff




© 2022 ikON
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