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NASCAR Texas Super Speedway [Add-On | Lights] 1.0


A first for me, a complete custom map for GTA V. This brings the complete Texas Super Speedway for NASCAR races into the game. I was working on some NASCAR vehicles, but without the proper racetrack they felt out of place, so here we go. Please note, that this is still a WORK IN PROGRESS. Things like grass and pavement textures will be overhauled and I will also add more lights in the future.

Q: Is the car on the screenshots included?
A: No, it will be released at a later date

Q: Is this final?
A: No, better textures for things like grass, pavement, etc will be added in a later version. More lights will also be added.

Q: My car slips through objects, is this normal?
A: yes and no. Some cars tend to simply ignore any collision meshes while other work fine. It seems to be more of an issue with different vehicle collision meshes. My custom NASCAR vehicle mods don't have this issue though.

Q: The Ambulances, RVs, Buildings, etc are not very detailed, will that be changed?
A: Very unlikely. This track/map is simply meant for racing, not to take a look at the buildings. The only thing that might get enhanced is the pit stop and winner circle area.

Q: why is it placed over Alamo sea? it looks ugly with the provided landmass
A: It's not meant to be in the game while you play normally. I decided to add it over Alamo to have the mountains as background scenery, that way it feel like a bigger world.

Q: Can I move it?
A: Yes you can with Menyoo. "Texas_10" is the parent part where all other track parts are attached to. Simply move that one and the others will move with it together.

Nascar SimRacing

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