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Quadrupeds Animals [Add-On] 2.2.1


Another spin off of my Driftwood Mod.


I recommend :

To assure no game crashing.

Add-on animals pack loaded with Bear, two Full size Horses, a Pony, Donkey, Bobcat, Leopard, two different lions, Wolf and a skunk.

The Horses are Hybrid versions of Quechus13's horse but these hoses are scaled to proper size By ChucoBarracho and MN8R01. Plus they have shadows and collision, By MtTN4456.

The Skunk, Donkey, Lions and Bear are made By INSANOGAMES.

The Wolf and Bobcat were made by RockStar,(shhhh. Don't tell), re-textured by N8Gamez.

Install with OpenIV.
Drag my Quadrupeds folder and contents into

Copy the RockStar Games folder to your
Documents folder

No editing the dlclist.xml
It's not necessary!

Launch game, use your favorite way to spawn animals.

New animals.xml easier to add more Quadrupeds! Follows same format as peds.ymt ( in update/update.rpf/x64/data)
Simply copy animal attributes from peds.ymt paste in animals.xml,(in Documents/RockStar Games/GTA V/UserMods/Quadrupeds) then change name to model you want to add.
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