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Biblical Storm Adventure 4.2


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-v4.2 : OIV Format Update

The "Biblical Storm Adventure" dynamically changes the thunder weather system in GTA V to create a Biblical Storm weather type. Huge waves and flashes of lightning every second. Not to mention the abundance of optional Add-On Content. The Biblical Storm delivers the ultimate GTA V experience and keeps you in the center of the action every step of the way!

Recently Added:
-OIV Format Update
-Biblical Storm 4: OIV
-DLC Content: OIV
-Instant Backup
-Redesigned Mod Layouts
-Easy Install Universal Directions
-Content Log Replaces Update Log
-Multiple Bug Fixes & Improvements

Biblical Storm 4 (OIV):
-Biblical Storm Lightning & Thunder System
-Lightning & Thunder Intensity Increased
-Louder Thunder/Lightning
-Realistic Enhancements
-Performance Upgrades
-3x More Raindrops
-3x More Mist
-3x More Spash Effects
-Real Time Splash Effects
-Increased Raining Speeds
-Increased Ripple Speeds
-Increased Ripple Amount
-Real Time Ripple Effects
-Enhanced Resolutions
-Realistic Lightning Textures
-New Thunder Weather System
-Giant Tidal Waves
-Enhanced Weather Graphics
-Increased Raindrop Quantity
-Increased Splash Quantity
-Increased Rendering Speeds
-Increased Wind Speeds
-Atmosphere Fragments
-Gravitational Resistance
-Enhanced Thunderstorms
-Slightly Bigger Lightning bolts
-300% More Lightning Strikes
-Wrath Of God Lightning Effects
-Epic Thunder

Add-On Content Packs (OIV):
Game Mode - DLC:
-Biblical Storm World
-Dangerously Enhanced
Lightning - DLC:
-Color Packs: Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blackout, Orange
-Graphic Packs: Fizzle
Map - DLC:
-Storm Map: -Ark of Survivors, Shelters, Coast Guards, Barriers, & More.
Player - DLC:
-Trevor T-Shirt & Tattoo
Skydome - DLC:
-Red Moon Skydome Texture
-Enhanced RGB Starfield & Blood Moon
Startup - DLC:
-Custom Biblical Storm Beach Startup
-Custom Biblical Storm Game Loader
Vehicle - DLC:
-Biblical Storm Vehicle Handling
-Bison Storm Rebuilder
-Blazer Storm Edition
-Omega Bati Race Bike
Water - DLC:
-OKM True 4K Water Graphics
-Advanced Water Animations
-Crystalized Water Details
-GodRay Animation Set
-120Hz Flow Increase
-Deep Sea Visuals (Ocean Expansion)
-Dynamic 4K GPU Rendering (Water)
-Dynamic Wave Height & Verticies
(4K water rendering works dynamically for all users with no performance drops)
Weather - DLC:
-Redesigned Rain, Splash, Ripple & Mist Effects


Installation Directions:
-OIV Format (Easy Install)
-Directions In Mod


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