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Glider Transport 1.0

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is a simple mod hide on the glider script (see first link to the glider fly mod). Whit this my setting you can turn of the glider and attach / trasport it whit a car/plane/helicopter or you can attach it to you or bodyguard , and after you can detach it from the car or were is and turn on , jump on it and fly

Download and install the glider and menu at this link:

This is the car (try the various set config attach save at the end of the screen "install 2 2.jpg")

This is the white plane (try the various set config attach save at the end of the screen "install 2 2.jpg") or create a yours config custom

there is a script attach script hide on the glider goblin
i have make a tutorial screen to unlock it for easy use

it can attach glider to car, helicopter or ped/animal

it can attach car to car, car to helicopter/plane/boat
and have a configurable/save position

note, there is the link because the autor of the script
is julio and you need download from julio account

follow the rar config it have many screens guide to use , and a file whit position save .
the attach script is hide on the glider goblin script menu
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