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Gore'em up (Blood mod) 2.0


Always felt like gta's gore wasn't fully utilized so I decided to try and improve it.

What does this mod do?

-Better entry and exit wounds on player and peds ( Entry smaller, exit bigger)
-Better draw distance for splatters and wounds
-Improved soak effect on clothing
-Increased blood splatter distance ( Including entry splatter so you can be covered in blood )
-More realistic blood spray effect ( No more huge gushes of blood on entry wound, blood sprays only from exit wound now )
-Neck and thigh shots cause bleeding furiously ( Target has to be alive of course )
-Punching and melee'ing cause trauma on head
-No more huge blood sprays when hitting someone with your FISTS

Changelog 2.0:

-Completely new blood textures, now in 4K!

Changelog 1.1:

-Added *decals.dat; re-adjusted some splatter sizes +
support for Realistic Physics of Explosions V3.0
-Blood now gushes from thigh shots as well, gory shit
-Fixed minigun and vehicle cannon blood squirts
-Increased amount of wounds on ped and player
-Backup + readme in file

To get same effects as me, use these mods:
GoreV by jedijosh920

How to install:

1. Use .OIV
2. Enjoy

Please report bugs and suggestions and i'll see what I can do.
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