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New World Order 1.0


PSA: If you want to make more gas mask/helmet marines spawn, use notepad to open the ArmyOnly dispatch.meta, and replace S_M_M_Marine_01 with S_M_Y_Marine_03 in the marine ped names! I will eventually release a version of this dispatch file with the mod itself.

THIS MOD IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY to work with CrewBoss' Army Only mod, which can be found here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/army-only-mod

This was a mod I made because I was sick of GTA being solely about senseless violence against innocence; now it's violence for a reason!

To the small island of Los Santos, liberty is an almost-forgotten relic. Ever since the government opened up HEX, the new military-police program brought in by president Ronald Trump, people fear for their lives. Oppression rules. The U.S. Marines are no more. HEX is law. But a select few... 'entrepeneurs,' armed up well before the introduction of HEX, have decided they're fed up with being pushed around. It's time to tear this system to the ground.

This mod is a huge retexture of the entire military in the game, as well as several billboards. When used in tandem with Army Only, this mod will replace the police force in the game with a ruthless new order agency who will stop at nothing to see you dead. Good luck fighting for your freedom folks!

More Billboards.
Cargobob retexture.
Map Editor maps where you can fight HEX soldiers in different bases and scenarios.
A totally customised Dispatch file reducing the amount of helicopters spawned by ArmyOnly.

Installation instructions in .rar file :)
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