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Overdue Repossession [Mission Maker] 1.0

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MISSION: After the event of the UD hit, everything is settled.
Micheal & Trevor are mending their relationship, Franklin enjoying his millions.

Jimmy still wants a car and knows Micheal will still not buy him one.
So he asks Micheal if he can go back to Simeon's dealership and "re-reposses" back his yellow Karin BeeJay XL from Simeon, when Franklin tried to get it when they first met.


NOTE: When you approch the dealership, you can decide if you want to stealth it or go loud. If you choose Stealth, you have to be cautious as the enemies have a good line-of-sight, use their cones of vision and avoid it to remain undetected.

Don't drive near the dealership as it will make it easier for them to spot you.

Please feel free to post videos of this on YouTube, all feedback is welcome.

Mission Maker (obviously) - by aimless
  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/mission-maker

    Don't be asking me were what goes were or what you should do.
    All requirments to install the main mod are on aimless's page.

    Any problems with the mod report to the mods main page not this mission page. I will NOT help.
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