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Mazda Rx7 Rocket Bunny [Livery/Texture Pack] [5K] 1.0


Mazda Rx7 Rocket Bunny x Seibon Carbon Challenge

We've seen many tuning challenges from the past and we all know that these events have set the standard in the automotive community. Now, why choose the car as a challenge platform? Because it's timeless? Because it's a great base for any motorsport? The reason is not exact since the Mazda Rx7 has already created a legacy by itself... so without further words...

THIS IS THE RX7 legacy before a new chapter begins... (new Rx7)

We've rounded up the few undisputed tuning garages and made them see to what limits the challenge will bring them. Here is so far the disclosed plan of each team.

Garages & Teams:
1. (JPN) Re-Ameniya & Keisuke Takahashi
2. (JPN) Scoot & Renown 787b Homage Edition (future)

but the challenge doesn't stop there...

Tuner's [texture guys XD] can freely choose other garages and their own style... but remember.... do you have what it takes to tame the rotary?

[Comment your garage and theme and I'll link you guys here :) ]

Show your support by liking and rating this pack and the original file.

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Credits to Erfet for original car, 4NG4H for original livery and GTAFan0802 for original add-on version. ALL RESPECTABLE CREDITS BY CONTRIBUTION BELONG TO THEM.
Car download here: Replace Version/Add-On Version

Repack includes:
A. Re-ameniya+KT, RBxSeibon
1. Dark/carbon edition
2. Lite/kevlar +carbon edition
3. Pure Kevlar (Just all kevlar parts)

+Rear carbon spoiler has chip of respray paint (UV Map)


Install liveries
    1. in openIV go to

    2. Go to EDIT MODE

    3. REPLACE .ytd files with mine (Liveries folder)
    *(if replace version same method REPLACE .ytd)
    **to double check open .yft file

    4. Enjoy + Like XD

Install intercoolers
    1. in openIV go to

    2. Go to EDIT MODE

    3. open rx7rb.ytd (or replacecarname.ytd)

    4. Import selected intercooler
    *to double check open .yft file

    5. Enjoy + Like XD


1.Why 5K ONLY?
Originally I prepared this in 8K but Since the .dds files get corrupted pass 5200+ pixels I settled for 5K.

2. Why does the dark color on decals reflect so much?
It's somehow a problem in the UV mapping (correct me if wrong)... light colors don't reflect much as to why lite version is going to be provided.

3. Interchangeable colors?
Yes. So now like/rate (hahaha)

4. Why don't I have tuning parts?
That has something to do with the carcols.meta kitname/id value.

5. Why can't I just change the livery using a trainer like others?
I tried doing that but the model is limited to ONE mapping only and the .ytd file would be too large making others have loading problems.

6. Why no tuning parts even if carcols.meta doesn't have an issue?
That's the spoiler issue... Go to dlcpacks/rx7rb/dlc.rpf/x64/vehiclemods/rx7rb_mods.rpf and rename spoiler files to rx7rb_spoil_1.yft, rx7rb_spoil_2.yft and rx7rb_spoil_3.yft.

+ More liveries
+ More window decals
+ New light textures
+ Handling + switched sound

Special thanks to QuadGore. Be sure to check this guy too!

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