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ROC (Taiwan) Golden Horse Bus [Add-On] - 金馬號 長途客運 0.1


The model is not my production
I'm just responsible for skin reuse

Kinmen and Matsu is one of Taiwan's road passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz in 1959 ~ 1980 long-distance passenger transport, by the Taiwan passenger car company (Taiwan-steam) operation and management.

In 1959, the Taiwan Provincial Highway Bureau, which still had road passenger transport business, launched the Kinmen and Matsu and recruited 20 female ladies' attendants "Miss Kim and Ma". Miss Jin Ma's clothing for the blue narrow skirt uniforms, boat cap and black shoulder bag, the work is: 1. whistle to help the driver reversing the station, 2. in the car service passengers.

模型剛推出目前還不穩定 待作者更新更加完善
這模型是新增式的 若不會新增式下面有教學可以看

俠盜獵車手5(GTA5)飛機/汽車模組教學 新增式

Author: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-o362-bus-add-on-replace

我一直很想做終於看到類似車 決定試著做做看 技術沒很強多包涵

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