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Livery Pack (2016 GTA Spano) 2.0


Hey everyone I'm back with another Livery, but this time I couldn't decide on which to upload. So I present you with a Space Theme Livery Pack for the 2016 GTA Spano [Add-On]
I would like to thank Machyna for the vehicle upload. Vehicle download to use the Liveries below.


Version 1.0 (12/12/16)
In this pack:
-Stars and Galaxies
-Green Alien, this Livery is shown as an Alien Green Theme for the vehicle with stars.
-Purple Galaxy, used from Stars and Galaxies, more shown Purple to brighten up the car.
-Red Beam, very well improved universe look in a blood red. Yes doesn't look very space like I know.
-Rising Sun, the one I liked the most, it's more of a fiery space like design.

Version 2.0 (12/24/16)
-Assassins Creed
-Comic Book
-Mysterious, yes looks like abstract but more inhanced differences.
-The Flow, 2 options to your likings. Choose one you like the best.

Well before anything download the vehicle mod then start this if you have not already.

1.Go to OpenIV, then mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>spano2016>dlc.rpf>x64>vehicles.rpf and click edit mode then
open spano2016.ytd

2.the original car has 2 Liveries default by the creator. So install a 3rd one by being in edit mode click top
left on Import and select one of mine in the pack I made. BEFORE closing out after adding/replacing hit

If you want to use more than 1 Livery to be added, the packs will be "SPANO2016_sign_3" so to add more
you need to replace the "3" at the end with 4,5,6 etc. depending on how many you already have in the .ytd

If you read this far I would like to thank you for doing so and for downloading. It means a lot to me that
I can create something for others to use and enjoy. That being said I hope you enjoy! Thank you Machyna for
this vehicle mod!

Also if you'd like to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well I'd appreciate it!
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