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The Bee Line Bus System Orion VII HEV liveries


Orion VII models can be found here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/replace-addon-greater-toronto-bus-transit-multipack-part-1

Ever thought you would be looking for a Bee Line Bus in GTA 5? Well, here are 4 different liveries that I made to make it look like a real Bee Line Orion VII HEV. The Bee Line Bus System currently has 4 of these buses, which are numbered 201 to 204.

What is The Bee Line System?
The Bee Line Bus System is a bus system that serves Westchester County, New York. Despite only serving Westchester County, many Bee Line routes operate in the Bronx due to the fact that Westchester County borders that borough which allows Bee Line riders to connect to MTA buses or the Subway to get to their destinations.
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