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Progen Tyrus Extended Livery Pack 2.0


In your rich and miserable life simply owning a legendary endurance racer just doesn't cut it anymore. You dream of one hundred-percent genuine track-proven article with 54 flavors of sponsor vomit all across the Tyrus' beautiful curves. With this pack of liveries unleashed, you can tell - today is your lucky day.

Installation instructions:
- On the readme.txt inside the .pdf.

[2.0] - Added 37 new liveries, and updated 4. (This version doesn't have lang files.)

- Rockstar Games (decals, base model)
- HeliosAxitro (Pisswasser, Access, LTD, Mors Mutual, Kaihatsu, Inside Track, Grand Banks, Air Herler, Team Progen and Demonoil liveries.)
- TheSecretPower (NARC livery)
- Smukkeunger (FlowWater and original Lombank and Estancia liveries.)
- Skysder (general help & pictures)
- Engetsuka (codding help & pictures)
- Sangckrona, Malcolm & Jared (pictures)
- MyCrystals (text)
- Vanillaworks Community (help, ideas, patience and decals)

This mod could interfere with other mods that add liveries or modifications for vehicles included in the Cunning Stunts update. Follow the instructions on the readme.txt if that is the case.

If you feel that installing this mod might be too complex, you have an, easier to install improved Tyrus that includes the 54 liveries and more stuff: Progen Tyrus GTR

You are free to use the livery pack on any FiveM server as long as everybody involved in it is properly credited.
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