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Batman (Year One + TDKR)


i present to you all the Frank Millers TDK Verse Pack which includes Gadgets and Cloth Physics

This Pack Contains:
- 2 Versions Of Batman at Two diffrent stages of his career, from two iconic stories written by frank miller(Year One And TDKR) and are part of his TDK Verse
- Gadgets: Grapple Gun, Explosive Batarang, Batarang

- Full Facial Rigging
- Extra Levels Of Detail
- Specular Features
- Cloth Physics
- Bleeding Effects

Update 1.1:
Alot of stuff has been learned since i made this mod, so was about time i updated it with the currently developing batman script by julio hence i present to you all an updated version of this pack containing year one batman and The dark knight returns batman including a glider that works with the batman script, and still has full facial rigging

Update 1.2:
Even more stuff has been learnt to take this one to a new level, i bring to you guys a version with much better cloth physics, where the legs no longer go through cape and better looking capes which flow and look smoother, along with better textures


Use this mod to use PEDS as Add-Ons:

Or Replace any Ped you want just rename the files to whatever ped you want to replace "example:ig_bankman"

any extra models in the photo are from my patreon page or are in a W.I.P stage
My Patreon Page

Follow My instagram for any updates on Different mods ill be creating, or if you want to contact me about any requests.
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