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Johnny Gat From Saints Row 3 Remastered (HD Model) [Add-On Ped]

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Johnny Gat from Saints Row The Third Remastered converted to GTA 5 by me

❥ Fully rigged hands/moving fingers
❥ 4K High Quality Diffuse Textures & Normal Maps from the SR3 Remaster

Known issues:
❥ Slight clipping in the back of the lower shirt.
❥ The head may sometimes slightly clip with the jacket's sides when turning.
As all the weight painting has been retained from the original source, this is as good as it gets.

You can install this skin as an addon ped or replace an existing ped, both work.
If you use this model in any type of video or project, please credit me by leaving a link to this mod in the description.

Installation Instructions:
It is advised to install this ped as an addon ped. You can find tutorials on how to install addon peds with a 2 seconds google search. Alternatively, you can replace an existing streamed ped in x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_ig.rpf by replacing the corresponding .ymt and .yft files and the .ydds and .ytds inside your target model's folder.

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Shaundi From Saints Row 3 Remastered (HD Model)

Wanna commission your own model?
❥ Contact me on Discord @speedystar to commission a model! <3

❥ Fixed an issue with Johnny's spine being too curved, which caused bigger weapons such as rifles to clip into his torso. There is still some minor clipping but nowhere near as bad as initial release.

❥ Fixed hair transparency.
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