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[MP Male] Miguel's Casino Shirt 1.0


Ready to boogie?
Well, i wasn't really expecting this, it appears that Rockstar listened to my rambling (or maybe not, could be a coincidence or whatever) but they finally added short sleeve business shirts... except for NPC's only to further mock us, very nice. Anyway this mod isn't about the short sleeve business shirts, instead it adds the non-tucked Casino Shirt with shorter sleeves from Mini Madrazo.

Features 26 texture variants, all Summer DLC ones, two from Miguel Madrazo, one from Thornton and few custom ones, i know the patterned shirts don't really fit well where the buttons are, but i didn't do any edits to them, if anyone wants to fix it, go ahead!

-Direct port from ig_miguelmadrazo
-Minor changes on the arms to reduce clipping (NOTE: There is still some clipping on the arms while you are running, i tried to minimize it as much as i could and it's not that much visible, it would require for me to make new torso model but to be honest that's really pointless, use Torso 11 in Menyoo or Torso 12 in Simple Trainer - because it counts from 1 upwards rather than 0)
-Custom speculars because the originals sucked ass
-Detail map (done by speculars)
-Higher quality bump maps from Casino/Summer shirts, because Madrazo 2.0's are 256x256


Rockstar Games - Original Model (Cayo Perico Heist DLC)
Slick (me) - Port


Use MP Clothes and paste the files to mpclothes\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpclothes_male.rpf\mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_clothes_01
Optionally you can rename the number so it's in different slot
This will add the the shirt as new one
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