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Polish Armed Forces Uniforms [SP Add-On | MP Freemode] 2.1


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I couldnt upload all the images of the gear here, you can view them here.

Polish Armed Forces.

Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna

The beret rank insignia only has the color of one of the polish military branches. If you want more colors, youll have to retexture the insignias yourself.

This pack currently includes:

--- Head ---

- Wz. 2005 Helmet + Variations
- HC-98 Tanker Helmet
- HP-05 Helmet
- Steel Helmet Covered
- Military Beret + Ranks (Land Forces, Air Forces, Special Forces, Navy, Territorial Denfence Forces)
- Peltor Tactical Sport Headset
- THL-5NV Helicopter Helmet
- Air Force Garrison Hat
- Field Cap
- Boonie Hat
- Balaclava

--- Clothes ---

- Combat Shirt
- Combat Shirt with rolled sleeves
- Combat Shirt + Military Police Epaulette
- Flight Suit Shirt
- Tanker Suit Shirt

- Name Tape (Combat Shirt, Flight Suit & Tanker Suit)
- Sleeve Rank Insignia (from Private to General)
- Chest Rank Insignia (from Private to General)

- Combat Pants
- Combat Pants + Round Kneepads
- Flight Suit Pants
- Tanker Suit Pants

- Tactical Boots

--- Armor ---

- Lubawa OLV Vest with Backpack
- KS-12 Chest Rig

--- Accessories ---

- Military Police Reflective Vest
- Military Police Belt Gear
- Backpack
- RPG-7 on a sling

Drop the fbzpoland folder in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
After that, go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
and add this line to your dlclist.xml


Screenshots - Pieske
Models and textures - The Farm 51, Ubisoft, Infinity Ward
Police baton - zombitt.

The KS-12 Chest rig has some dark spots at the zipper. I've tried fixing it but couldn't find a cause of the problem, so I'd rather release it like that instead of not releasing.

Don't unlock.
Don't reupload anywhere else.


- Initial release

Made the pack Add-On
Added the following:
- Peltor Tactical Sport Headset
- HP-05 Helmet (with NVG Up and Down option)
- KS-12 Chest Rig
- THL-5NV Helicopter Helmet
- Air Force Garrison Hat
- Pilot Harness
- Flight Suit
- Tanker Suit
- Name Tape (for Flight Suit)
- Name Tape (for Tanker Suit)
- Rank Patch (for Flight & Tanker Suit)

- Fixed a small rigging issue with the chest rig
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