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Personal Army ( Active bodyguards squads and teams ) 2.0.0



This is the evolution of my previus mod, I was want a mod of bodyguards with vehicles, weapons, peds and many commands; for that razon in this mod I added all functions that I always wanted; is not perfect but I hope you like it as much as I like it.

Mod Features:
-Up to 8 squads at the same time
-You can configure individual unit, teams and squads
-Your Bodyguards can to use boats, cars, planes and helicopters
-You can deploy squads on any vehicle
-Support for add-on peds and vehicles
-You can set when headshot is activated
-Spawn unlimited bodyguards (on/off unlimited restriction)
-Rappel and Parachute
-Aim Commands
-Taxi for all vehicle
-Save config

Previous Requirements:
-.NET Framework
-dsCore (For version 2.0.0 and higher)

Install version 2.0.0:
1.-Install dsCore (It's necessary for use Personal army mod)
2.-Extract the folder dsCore and move it into you "scripts" folder in the path where you have installed the game.
Example: C:/Program Files/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/
3.-Copy all files and folders from dsCore/Default files/ to dsCore/User/

Important Notes:
-Never overwrite the content of dsCore/User/ because contains your config
-Version 2.0.0 and higher is not compatible with previus versions, if you have a previus version, it's necesary to removeit to prevent conflicts.
-If you want to use addon peds/vehicles you can use dscore tool to add it in the configuration files. Path "dsCore/lib/dsCore_tool.exe"

Install version 1.5.1 and older:
Extract the file active_bodyguards_squads_v1.5.1dll, NativeUIForDSCADXMods.dll and active_bodyguards_squads_conf.xml and move it into you "scripts" folder in the path where you have installed the game.
Example: C:/Program Files/Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/
If you have a previous version, check the compatibility file and make a backup of your config (xml file).

How to use:
Press T to open the mod menu
Press and hold Ctrl + mouseWheel +/- to select an order
Press and hold Shift + mouseWheel +/- to select a squad
Press right mouse button with a weapon (aim) + click on the mouse wheel to execute the selected command with the selected squadron
Press E for bodyguards to enter your vehicle
(Full instructions in the download)

If do you like my work and you want support me, you can donate I will be grateful.


Version 2.0.0
-Completely rewritten

Version 1.5.1
-Fixed motorcycles
-Added laser weapons

Version 1.5.0
-Fixed helicopter orders
-Fixed abandoned vehicle in multiple vehicle
-Fixed free move
-Fixed patrol
-Fixed big plane spawn altitude
-Fixed go to waypont far away
-Fixed attach bodyguard vehicle to
-Rewrite plane takeoff
-Rewrite plane land
-Rewirte plane scort plane by plane
-Rewirte enter in vehicle
-Rewrite leave vehicle
-New action lights control
-New order shoot to target selected by WAYPOINT
-New team selected indicator
-New combat camera for bodyguards/soldiers (check the cam instruction file)
-Complete menu for all aquads section

Version 1.4.2
-Solved problem with NativeUI version
-Added action to allow leave vehicles when there are enemies
-Changes in the orders menu
-Changes for helicopter combat
-Some bugs fixed

Version 1.4.1
-Configurable, execute order key
-Configurable, aim for execute order
-New options in the menu for relationships
-Fixed main weapons in helicopters and better IA for helicopter combat
Note: for the new configurations, it's necessary update previous XML read the compatibility file

version 1.4.0
-Rapel for any helicopter compatible
-New outfits elements (After a lot; helmets, hats, glasses, ear accessories)
-Aim Command Give weapon to ped
-Aim Command Recruit ped to squad
-Command Patrol arround (on foot and on vehicles)
-Command Free move (freely wander for all the map)
-Action hide weapons
-Some fixes
Note: To use the new aim commands, first you need to enable them in the settings and restart the game so that it appears in the menu

version 1.3.4
-Recompilled with .Net Framework 4.5.2
-Better IA for "follow me" order, now work well when the bodyguards are in combat

version 1.3.3
-Order climb ped in rope to heli selected by waypoint
-Order Escort on vehicle
-Open/Close doors of trailer now works

version 1.3.2
-command climb in rope to heli
-action auto deploy in defeated team
-action stealth mode
-aim command cover there
-aim command shoot from cover
-now bodyguards can follow you under the water
Note: for use new aim commands, first you need enable them in the settings and restart the game so that appears in the menu

version 1.3.0
-I rewrote some functions
-Attach/Dettach vehicles (For example cars on cargoplane)
-Cargobob hook usable
-Better AI for planes
Move on ground
Land (but this is slow)
-Some fixes

version 1.2.0
-Action change player seat
-Ped enter/leave your vehicle in "follow me" command
-Numpad shortcuts for menu commands
-No need aim for middle mouse button commands
-Fix spawn big planes, only select "very very high" for minimum altitude

version 1.1.1
-Fix bug with NativeUI v1.7 but you need v1.8 to create any new presets
-Functional when you change to character

version 1.1.0
-Fix spawn underground
-Fix parachutes
-Some vehicle options
-Save squad vehicles
-Better AI of plane vs plane
-Auto select aim command function
-Stop time to open menu (you can change it in the settigs)
-Slow time to select squad (you can change it in the settigs)
-Slow time to select aim command (you can change it in the settigs)
-Open close doors action
-Freeze position action from ped (useful in a cargo plane)

version 1.0.1
-You can change the keyboard keys to use
-Fix enter vehicle command
-Fix crazy driver

Note: If you spawn excessive peds for you hardware your game will crashed.
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