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Additional Car Controls [Gamepad Only] 1.4


-ScriptHookV 1.0.372.2 or higher and done
Please upgrade ScriptHookV if you get an error on game start up.

This mod lets you control some additional aspects of your vehicle using Gamepad. Of course there are limitations when it comes to Gamepad since all the buttons are already used by GTA default controls. However this mod does not override or interfere with any of the existing controls. [X] button is used as a function key to activate another layer of controls. But isn't [X] for selecting weapons? Yes. If you just start tapping [X] multiple times you will be greeted by the weapon selection as you normally would but if you tap it once or hold it nothing will bother you.
This mod is designed for ease of use and it does not interfere with driving when the mod layer is active. You can take advantage of the additional controls while driving.

-Control Doors,Hood,Trunk
-Control Windows
-Skip Radio
-Control Turn Signals
-Auto turn off signals after turn
-Control Interior Light
-Control Engine
-Alternative Handbrake Support
-Slow Motion
-Brake Lights on Idle
-Menu For More Options
-Leave Car Engine ON/OFF
-Manual Engine Start
-Support For Cargoplane and Titan Doors
-Neon Light Control (NEW)
And more is coming...

Toggle Left Indicator [X + LB] -Aim-
Toggle Right Indicator [X + RB] -Shoot-
Toggle Emergency Indicators [X + LB + RB]

Skip Radio [X + DPAD LEFT] -Radio-
Toggle Interior Light [X + DPAD RIGHT] -Light-
Toggle Windows [X + DPAD DOWN] -Swich Character-
Toggle Engine [X + BACK] -Quick Menu-
Open Hood [X + RS UP] -Look Up-
Open Trunk [X + RS DOWN] -Look Down-
Open Left Door[X + RS LEFT] -Look Left-
Open Right Door[X + RS RIGHT] -Look Right-
Shut All Doors [X + RS BUTTON] -Look Back-
Slow Motion [X + B] -Cinematic-
Open Menu [X + DPAD UP] -Phone-
Leave Car Engine On Press [Y]
Leave Car Engine Off Hold [Y]

-FOR GAMEPAD ONLY. Using it on keyboard may feel weird.
-If you are using [A] as handbrake, tell it to the mod in the .ini file or your right indicator wont work.
-Keyboard support might be added but not currently.

-Install latest version of ScriptHookV
-Remove previous version of this mod if you have it installed.
-Extract contents of zip folder into where GTAV.exe is located.
-If you are using [A] as handbrake, tell it to the mod in the .ini file.
-Run the game and enjoy

Known Issues to be solved
-Key layout is not customizable.
-Some problems when Engine off nothing serious.
-Some options in menu are not available yet.
-Menu not fully tested on different "Aspect Ratios" and "Resolutions" but expected to work properly. (1920x1080 and 3840x2160 are tested)

I'm open to suggestions. Please report any problems.

Copy Right
-Do not redistribute without permission. Send a link to this page.

Release Notes 1.4
-Neon Light Control
-More options added to menu for Lights, Neon, Search Light
-Precise door control through menu
-Precise Window Control through Menu
-Some options added to settings menu

Release Notes 1.3b
-Menu added. Still beta and most options are not available yet. But its a leap forward for mod to be more extendable.
-You can now adjust some of the settings trough menu.
-Leave car engine ON/OFF - IV Style
-Manual engine start. If this option is activate, you need to manually start the engine of your car if you ever turn it off. Also when you enter a new vehicle you need to start the engine manually.
-Support for Cargoplane and Titan doors. Other planes should work as well but not tested.
-Bug fixes and optimizations.

Release Notes 1.2
-Added Slow Motion
-Break lights turn on when vehicle is idle.
-Added options for brake lights and indicator in .ini

Release Notes 1.1b
-Function key changed to [X] (more comfortable, also [X] can multitask)
-Fixed problem with ducking.
-No more blocking or interference with any controls.
-Alternative Handbrake support. (If you use [A] as hand brake, tell in .ini)
-Version number omitted from .asi file name.

Release Notes 1.0b
Initial Release.

User Requests
-Indicator Sound
-More Options in ini
-Controlling car doors and hood when outside.
-Keyboard Support
-Neon Color
-Bulletproof Windows
-Save Vehicles
-Exit Car With Wheels Turned
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