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Enhanced Melee Combat 1.1


Place EnhancedMeleeCombat.dll and EnhancedMeleeCombat.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need the latest ScriptHookV and ScriptHookVDotNet.

A script that enhances various parts of melee combat in GTA 5. Adds an overhaul and plethora of more moves and variety such as blocking, ground tackling, crowd cheering and much more.

Knockouts - NPCs have a chance of getting back up and continue fighting after a certain amount of time of unconciousness when beat in a melee fight .

Crowds - NPC AI behaviour is overwritten, when they see a fight and are interested, they will clap/cheer and say some things to make a realistic scenario instead of walking away, who wants to miss a good 'ol fist fight?

Gore - You can now use a melee weapon or your feet to bash an opponent's head in causing brain bits and blood to fly out.

Foetal - When an opponent is on the ground and you repeatedly kick them, they will try to protect their head and go into a protective position.

Dodge Cooldown - Like in GTA IV, you cannot hold the dodge button, you have to time your dodges correctly.

More Counter Attacks/Moves - Variety of different counter attacks and moves have been added such as a melee disarm if you successfully dodge an opponent and counter, you will take their weapon, there are also different combo finishing counters.

Strafe - A different strafing animation for both players and NPCs to make things different and fresh, ready to square up?

Blocking - Players and NPCs can now block making fights longer and interesting. As a player, press and hold the "Sneak" button which by default is "Left Control" key to block incoming attacks and take no damage. Sometimes NPCs or players will get punched through their blocks and fall to the ground due to the force.

Tackling - You can tackle opponents with low health using your fists or a knife.

NPC Takedowns - NPCs have the ability to take down other NPCs or the player if they have low health using a variety of animations.

Most features are configurable in the .ini file.

- Initial Release

- Various performance fixes.
- Fixed "walking" animation bug.
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