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Gang War [.NET] 1.2


Gang War 1.2 - "Controller" by GeorgeZhang

Time, weather, gang member cost all affects your chance of winning in this death battle. And now with the ability to manipulate them, he he.

  • Please make sure you installed every requirement of this mod and its requirements, before reporting error.
  • This is a rip-off and enhanced version from the original Arms Trading & Gang Wars mod.
  • I encourage you to share your own Gangs config and Locations files. I'm not good at creating these.
  • If you're not seeing skull blips on map, you should configure your DecimalType to "," or "." inside "Gang War.ini". If your creator isn't working then update your SHVDN and NativeUI.
  • Leave a comment if you have problems/suggestions.

###What's NEW?###

    New Better Creator:
  • Now utilizing ray casting to get objects/vehicles.
  • Aim-Grab-Move decoration props with the camera.
  • Improved UI.

    Improved Setup Menu
  • Added characters preview.
  • All controls bound to in-game controls. Controller support.
  • You can now see relative rankings of gangs.
  • You can now configure difficulty options in-game such as ped health/accuracy/damage modifier and ragdoll, blip, headshot and so on.
  • You can now configure time & weather.
  • You can now select starting weapon & armour.

    Bug Fix & Improvements
  • Added random spawning, can be toggled in the menu. Peds will spawn "around" the spawn points. Distance can be configured in Gang War.ini
  • Respawn mechanic improved. You now spawn at ally spawn point after death.
  • Gang members will now cost you different amount of money to spawn, depending on gang.
  • Players now earn extra money depending on where the kill shot hit on the victim.
  • Fixed skull blips duplicating.
  • Fixed an issue where in gun master modes peds only use one weapon.
  • Fixed pickups not spawning properly.
  • Fixed occasional object menu crash.
  • Fixed crazy negative completion rate in Mission Pass Screens.
  • Disable writhe mode for every class except Punk & Tactical.
  • Added 3 new maps and 3 gangs.
  • Compatible with SHVDN 2.9.2 and NativeUI 1.7

Any suggestion is welcome and please report bugs!

1.Open main menu/deployment menu: Press "OPEN_MENU"(default F10)

2.Open scoreboard: Hold "Character Switch" (LALT / D-pad Down)

3.Other controls are indicated by instructional buttons in all menus, at the right button of the screen.


.NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher)
Visual C++ Redis- Pack for Visual Studio 2013 (x64)
ScriptHookVDotNet 2.9.2
NativeUI.dll 1.7
(install tip: put the NativeUI.dll file in GTA V\scripts\)

2.Delete "GWS.ini"(The contents in it are not supported. Save your costume gangs if you want to keep them)

3.Install Gang War.dll & Gang War.ini & Gang War Locations into GTA V\scripts\

4.Configure your DecimalType to "," or "."(which type you commonly use) in "Gang War.ini"

5.Customize others settings/gangs in Gang War.ini , create locations in game with location creator, install custom locations in GTA V\scripts\Gang War Locations\

6.(Optional)Put the custom sprite (Gang War.png) in GTA V\scripts\

###Known Issues###
  • Some soldiers idle for unknown reason.
  • Some soldiers take cover forever.
  • Some models don't load for some people.
  • *please report bugs/conflicts

Recommended mods
Combat HUD by @CamxxCore
Trigger happy?

Stance by @jedijosh920
Comfort yourself at the battlefield.

Map Editor by @Guadmaz
Great for custom maps creating!

More to be discovered !

@Alexander Blade: ScriptHookV

@Crosire: ScriptHookVDotNet & source codes/examples.

@Guadmaz: Huge thanks. 1. NativeUI 2. TimerBars 3. Mission passed screen 4. 3D Scaleform

@CamxxCore: Scaleform(Big message)

And any other guys who gave me suggestions/help, I luv you guys.

Planned Features
  • Trying to make AI in this script smarter. SET_PED_COMBAT_ATTRIBUTES is it. Problem is, flags are hard to discover.
  • Vehicle deathmatch, Bomb Arm and Defuse, and more gamemodes.(Need suggestions.)

Thank you for choosing this mod,
Have fun!! And don't forget to report bugs!

please RESPECT others' work:
You should NOT edit my mod.
You may re-upload once i agree.
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