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[GSW3] GunShot Wound 3 [UNSUPPORTED] Alpha-0.1.0


I'm happy to present you GunShot Wound 3!
It's a third(but not last ;) iteration of GunShot Wound mod for GTAV.

What is GSW
If you've never heard about that, GunShot Wound - ultra realistic mod. GSW is bringing to GTAV most realistic damage system you ever have seen. It simulate pain, bleedings, armor and add various effects for wounds, that make gameplay more unpredictable and hardcore.
Previous versions: GSW1 GSW2

Difference between GSW2 and GSW3
You should be ready, that GSW3 is raw alpha now, so it can have bugs and not every feature of GSW2 is implemented, but all of them will implement in future.
Next features from GSW2 will be added later:
- Various hotkeys
- Localizations
- WatchYourDeath-mod compatibility
- Bandages
- Explosive Damage

On the other side GSW3 has some new features:
- Animal can be influenced by GSW3, hunt will be more realistic
- Wounds can be lock vehicle control, if you are in car, eg Nerves Damaged wound
- Reworked Armor system
- Support for NaturalMotionMessages, NMM will let you change ragdoll response for wounds
- New effects for wounds

Main target of GSW3 is create fully configurable basis. Almost every thing of GSW3 can be changed in .xml configs. You can add new wounds, change effects for any wound, change wounds for any weapon and a lot of other things. You can find more information about editing in .xml configs.
There is a Google-table, where you can share your custom configs or download and try custom configs from other users. Possibly, very interesting custom configs will include to GSW3 in future.

GSW3 is based on RagePluginHook and use some RPH features, in the main, Console of RPH. GSW3 has two builds: RELEASE and DEBUG.
If you want to play with GSW3, you better to download RELEASE-build or even download GSW2 :D
If you want to test GSW3 or your custom configs, you need DEBUG-build. It's marked "Debug" in Download Section.

How to install GSW3
1) Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 or later
2) Install RAGE Plugin Hook 0.65.1237 or later
3) Download RELEASE or DEBUG version of GSW3 and unpack archive
4) Place Weighted Randomizer.dll and Leopotam.Ecs.dll near RAGEPluginHook.exe
5) Place GSW3.dll and GswData-folder to GTAV\Plugins folder
6) Set .xml configs in GswData-folder as you want
7) Run RAGEPluginHook.exe and mark GunShot Wound 3 as plugin to load OR run RPH, open console(F4 in game) and type “LoadPlugin GSW3.dll”
8) Play GTAV and try not to die quickly :D

Be carefully!
GSW3 can work wrong if you have installed mods that changes .meta files of game, especially if pedhealth.meta was changed, GSW3 only works well with vanilla pedhealth.meta file! Also other mods that interact with peds' health/armor can work wrong or will not work at all.
If you will see message about GSW3 was crashed, please, send me your RagePluginHook.log file or just text from log using pastebin.com

More about difference between builds
RELEASE-build is more performance and light, also it will print to RPH-Console only useful info, for example, warnings about incorrect configs or not detected weapons.
RELEASE-build has 2 Console Commands:
- GetPlayerBleedingList - it will let you check bleedings of player-ped. This command will be removed in future, when i will implement hotkeys and add possibility to check player state
- HealPlayerBleedings - it will let you remove all bleedings from player-ped. This command will be removed in future, when i will add bandages.
You also can use inbuilt RPH console command “Heal” to totally restore player-ped.

DEBUG-build is build for debug purposes. It will print to RPH-Console almost any GSW3 action, also it will draw Pain-, Health-, Armor-bars over peds and points of damaged bones.
DEBUG-build has 5 Console Commands(including 2 from RELEASE):
- GetBleedingListForAllWoundedPeds - it will let you check bleedings of all peds in GSW3
- GetNaturalMotionMessageList - it will show you list of available NaturalMotionMessages
- PlayNaturalMotionMessage with three parameters: NM-name(from NMMList), Ragdoll Type(0-4), Ragdoll Length in ms. It will play selected NMM for test.

You also can find sources here.

Features in closest release
- I need to rework wound system. It will change configs for Wounds, CritWounds and PainStates, it will remove every “DisableOnlyOnHeal” option in wound effects. It will be huge work.
- When wound system will stable, i will publish doc, where i will decribe every available wound effect
- Adrenaline SlowMotion
You can find full roadmap for GSW3 on my patreon as my patron.

Recomended Mods
- Forced First Person Aim if you like classical GTA third person view, but also you like aiming from first-person. You should to try! It's great experience!
- Gun Recoil for make your gameplay realistic, harder and more interesting.
- Better Weapon Ragdoll for loosing your weapon from car-accident.
- Baka's Weapons Sounds for get best gun sound mod!
- Realistic Blood and Decals for realistic wound decals.

You can motivate me for developing GSW with some donate :3
Sadly, PayPal doesn't work for me, but you can send me some money with
Or YandexMoney
Everyone who will support me will be added to special message in GSW3 :3
You can leave your step in history! :D

I hope you will like GSW3 :3
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