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Head Camera [AXON Overlay] 3.6




-Head Camera that is activated on aim/key press (GamePad supported)
-Camera effect that can be toggled on/off via .ini
-Axon Bodycam Overlay

This mod serves as a demo for my ViewPointV: Custom Cameras that I've been working on for a long time now.

Check out Benzo's video about it.

ViewPointV currently includes:

-First Person Camera inspired by modern shooters like Call Of Duty
-Head Camera
-Shoulder Camera
-Vehicle First Person Camera inspired by modern racing titles like Asetto Corsa
-Vehicle Chase Camera inspired by modern racing titles like Need For Speed

and more...

More cameras and customization options for the existing ones are added constantly.
Visit my Patreon for more information.
  • 1.0

  • 1.1
    -Minor bug fixes
    -Improved compatibility with other camera mods (the mod automatically resets the camera if it was interrupted, after a set amount of time that is set by you in the .ini file)

  • 1.2
    -Some clipping issues solved
    -Added the ability to switch sides (default key - X)

  • 1.3
    -Camera reset on death, for compatibility with mods like Watch Your Death
    -Performance fix

  • 2.0
    -Fixed clipping
    -Moved camera closer
    -Added in vehicle camera
    -Added a laser dot

  • 2.0.1
    -Possible fix for those whose camera spins around
    -Increased laser dot size a tiny bit

  • 2.1
    -Another try at fixing the spinning around bug, please tell me if it helped you
    -Added ability to tweak FOV
    -Added ability to disable laser dot
    -Added ability to tweak laser dot size
    -Added ability to change laser dot color

  • 3.0
    -Mod has been rewroten from scratch

  • 3.1
    -Added toggle button
    -Ability to disable camera activation on aim
    -Ability to hide radar when camera is active

  • 3.2
    -Added ability to map the toggle to a controler

  • 3.3
    -Fixed sound missing reverb on camera activation

  • 3.4
    -Added ability to disable reticle via .ini

  • 3.5
    -Fixed weird animations when activating the camera from default game's first person camera
    -Fixed camera activating when reloading or shooting when in Aim Only Mode. Camera will only activate when you press right mouse button
    -Reticle improvements

  • 3.6
    -Added option to toggle Axon Bodycam Overlay

  • ASI Loader
  • Script Hook V
  • Community Script Hook V .NET
  • Lemon UI
    (latest versions)

  • Extract all files into your scripts folder
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