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Heavy Barrier (Protect VIPS, LSPDFR Blockade, Protect Player, Guard Area) 1.2

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Heavy Barrier Finally there!

So finally there is a script that is recommended with LSPDFR or just to play without LSPDFR.
This mod lets you spawn 5 (maximum) Guards anywhere you want.
They will protect a scene, house, vehicle, VIP or Entry.
The Guards are equipped with heavy weapons wich will be a able to be customized in future versions.
Also the Guards stand still where you spawned them til something happens, for example, a guy approaches with a weapon and tries to kill one of the guards or player, the Guards will take action and attack him.
The Guards are basic bodyguards who guard/protect a curtain house, vehicle, person or entry.

Numpad1 -> Spawns a guard - Maximum = 5
Numpad2 -> Kills the first spawned guard
Numpad3 -> Open Menu - Coming later

- ScriptHook V by Alexaner Blade (ScriptHookV.dll)
- Community Script Hook (ScriptHookDotNet.dll)

Recommended Scripts To Heavy Barrier
- Simple Gang Mod (One of mine)
- LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Repsonse)
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