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Lester's Bribes

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This mod adds the interaction menu from online where you can eat snacks, equip armour and the menu where u call Lester for options in online into one combined menu

press F11 to open the menu

please press INS to reload all mods, if menu doesnt apear when F9 is pressed
fixed issue with ini not saving armou/snacks value
menu button can now be changed in ini (Key1)
added taxi service for Gunrunning, Smuggler's Run, Doomsday and Biker Business Locations
"off Radar" now causes blackout

1.0 [beta[
snack/body armor options half working, does not save snack or amour amount out side of sessions
Bribes fully working
fixed wrong timer on bribes
added contact to phone, can now be called to make menu appear
added new bribes
redid most code
install drop Lester's Bribes into scripts folder
minor fixes
Now uses IfruitAddon2 NOT Ifruitaddon (included in zip)

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