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LSPD: Dangerous Individuals 0.6


Trailer for 0.6

0.4 - 0.5

Most of the screenshots feature RDE's vehicles for beauty's sake.

LSPD:DangerousIndividuals (Dangerous Individuals for shorts) is an action-packed, chases-oriented script that lets you chase down different kinds of criminals with the aid of the police.

Its conception was heavily inspired by AlphaWhiskeySix's videos and Code Zero Gaming patrols in general.

I'd love to see people recording their experiences with this script, and have made sure to ease the setup of recording sessions with the script options.

- This script is strongly oriented to criminal chases, and therebefore lacks the depth that LSPD:FR has regarding roleplay. Its strong points are the criminal AI and challenging chases.

- This script is in BETA, and it's not a full product yet, although its stable and playable. If you want a polished experience, wait for 1.0.

- The script's functionality is heavily based on LSPD:FR's on purpose, so players don't need to learn anything new for this script if they play LSPD:FR.

- Some of the current features are PLACEHOLDERS and will change in the future. Don't get too used to them.


Read all of the mod's description before playing, or you'll miss features. I won't answer questions already answered in this description.

This mod should be compatible with any SuperHero mods you want to play with, but it is NOT compatible with LSPD:FR yet.

The script is able to make use of some vehicle Add-Ons, so it's encouraged that you play with them. I'll make a list of the supported add-ons soon.

    • Unit backup menu, complete with the ability to close the roads around you
    • Intuitive menus for easy configuration
    • Multiple options to personalize your experience
    • Extensive Add-On vehicles support: Criminals and cops alike will use any new vehicles you may have installed
    • Player Care module that will take care of your health, armor, vehicle conditions and Wanted level while you're on duty.

    • Intelligent cops (more info below)
    • Some of Better Chases's features are already implemented here (PIT authorization, Deadly Force authorization).

    • Intelligent, somewhat complex criminals (more info below) that actually want to escape
    • Great criminal variety, from jaywalkers to store robbers to fully armed terrorists

Planned Features (Not yet implemented)
  • Three gamemodes: Mercenary, Cop & Dispatch office. Each mode will have advantages and disadvantages.
  • Salary system.
  • More Add-ON vehicle support.
  • Towing/Ambulance/Coroner support.
  • Dispatch radio following the events.

  • Criminals
  • Criminals with certain objetives.

  • Cops
  • Roadblocks.
  • State patrol units.
  • Custom Police dispatch system.

"DangerousIndividuals.dll" , "Utilityfunctions.dll" and "DangerousIndividuals" go in the scripts folder.
Basically, just drag all the zip contents in GTAV/Scripts.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest
NativeUI Latest

How to use
The script will guide you. Simply enter a cop vehicle (or become a cop) and you'll start receiving Callouts, pretty much like LSPD:FR.

To avoid callout spam, you'll only receive callouts while you are stationary, although you can force callouts by pressing X anytime (if you're a cop).

Once you're after a criminal, try your best to stop and subdue them. All criminals will surrender under the right conditions.

You'll get 500$ for each arrested criminal.

X: Force a new callout. If there's a callout displayed on the screen, it will delete it.
B: Open Backup/Settings menu. If you're not chasing anyone, it will open the Settings menu instead.

Both keys are changeable in the Settings menu.

Additionally, DEL will allow you to delete all Criminals and Cops, should you encounter a bug or something.

Settings Menu
The settings menu will let you configure a lot of things. It's reccomended to take a look at it after having played a little, and customize everything to your likings.

- General options: Notifications, Auto Dispatch, Player Care module, etc.
- Callout filter: Decide which kind of callouts you want to be notified about.
- Add-On Vehicles: RDE/IVPACK/MadMax Pack support options. You can also add new vehicles for the criminals there.
- Utilities: add tuning options for the criminals' vehicles.

The Callouts
The callout system is pretty much a copy of LSPD:FR's system. You receive callouts telling you the kind of crime the criminal(s) commited and where.

If you accept, a new chase will commence. Your job is to arrest or kill the criminals.

The Criminals
Criminals come in a variety of flavors, variety that I'll not spoil here. You can find all the kinds of callouts you can get in the script's menu.

All I can say without spoiling surprises is: These criminals are not stupid. They are always aware of their situation and will use whatever advantage they think they have at that moment to try and get rid of their the cops.

The Cops
Normally you'll find at least one Patrol unit chasing the criminals you're after. The police has the exact same goal as you: arrest or kill the criminal(s), with a preference for the first option.

While you're not able to arrest the criminals (yet), the cops can, so leave that job to them.

Your [B]ackup menu allows for you to call more cops if you feel that's neccesary. You can find the list of Units you can call for in that very menu.

Losing the criminals
Criminals can escape if they manage to get out of sight for ~1 minute. Both cops and you can stay close to them to prevent this from happening.
Criminals cannot get out of sight if they're fleeing in any kind of police vehicle, because of GPS tracking.

- Reworked fleeing AI (both driving and on foot)
- Reworked ramming. It now works far more reliably and actually helps the Criminals getting rid of you or AI cops.
- Reworked FSM for both cops and criminals, they will be a little smarter now. Cops shouldn't freeze when their suspect is surrendered anymore.
- Reworked cop carefulness, cop vehicles won't be flung backwards ever again. They also use actual brakes instead of magic

- Added Highway units.
- Added support for RDE 3.0, most of the main RDE vehicles (LSPD/Sheriff/BCSO/State/NoOSE) will be used by Dangerous Individuals. You can use the Backup.xml provided by RDE 3.0 too.
- Added LSPD:FR Backup.xml support. Only models supported, no components or liveries for now.
- Added the player arrest thingie, players can now arrest criminals and bring them to nearby police stations
- Hostile ambient peds will be treated as criminals now. From now on, any ped that's hostile to you will be a criminal that you can arrest
- Added a Random Tuning option for Racer criminals, so every callout will feature different looking cars
- Added the ability to go On/Off duty on police stations. To ease quick setup, you can go on duty on a cop car, but can't go off duty there.
- Added the ability to play with any vehicle or model
- Added a bunch of options to the Settings menu, regarding cop spawning, callout generation and more

- Racer car tuning utility (for Racer callouts). It has been replaced with an automatic tuning system.
- Removed a Criminal feature where if they stood still they wouldn't trigger LostLOS events. (This was added in earlier versions to make the script less frustrating)
- Removed Criminal's ability to Brake Check. I didn't like the effects, will probably add it again later on if I manage to make it actually usefull for the Criminals.

Known bugs:
- Ambient hostile security guards can be treated as criminals by the script.
- Sometimes cops won't arrest surrendered criminals, specially if they are interrupted by another criminal/hostile peds. This is an issue related to Arrest/SecureArrest organization, to fix it, dismiss them and call another Unit.

- Improved Suspect Driving AI, they can now decide to truly go offroad if the situation allows for it.
- Improved Suspect Driving AI regarding their decisions when they're stuck.
- Added new chase: another Bank Robbery, this time the suspects will be using multiple bikes.
- Fixed (I think) suspects not surrendering when tased.
- Fixed the "cop swarm" bug: There's now a limit on how many cop units can spawn when using th Automatic Backup system. You can still spawn as much as you like.


- The Realism Team: Playtesting and suggestions.
- Various youtubers who regularly do LSPD:FR videos: got the inspiration from them.

Reccomended mods
Realism Dispatch Enhanced - Lots of new police vehicles and awesome cop models in general. Dangerous Individuals attempts its best to support this mod and use them all.
Injured Ragdoll - Helps with making you a vulnerable as the NPCs, adding immersion
Vehicle Handling V - Allows for better tactics when chasing the suspects. PIT maneuvers work better, crashes are more realistic.
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