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Ped Passengers 1.0

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This is a rewrite of the Ped Passengers! mod by R_S

This script will get random peds to get into your vehicle. You must be stopped for it to work. You also must be the driver of the vehicle, so it won't work if you're in a taxi or something.

Keyboard keys are defined in the ini
Controller buttons are: Horn to call peds, Exit Vehicle to get everyone out

Just drop the cs and ini files into your scripts folder

Script Hook V

I really have no interest in updating this, as it works fine for me. I'm uploading the cs file instead of compiling it so people can use the code, or make changes to parts if you want. If you use any of this for another script that's uploaded, please credit me and R_S. I will make changes if someone asks though.

I know some of this code wasn't done right (like using the existing VehicleSeat enum in SHVDN, I didn't feel like learning how to convert an enum to a list), but this was my first attempt at coding for GTA. I couldn't get passengers that were already on a bus to stop freaking out, but new riders should be fine. I also wanted to have the script ignore cops, because walking cops will get into your car. And for some reason, when passengers get out when the player does (with controller), they try to get into the driver seat and take the car. If someone wants to fix these issues, that would be awesome.

If anyone is interested in the difference between this one and the one by R_S:
-controller support added
-multiple passengers
-only works if in a vehicle
-only works if stopped
-only works if driving (not in taxi)
-peds don't flee in terror
-works with buses
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