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Private Flight Service (Private Jet as Passenger) 1.1


Why mods like these have never been made before?

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- ScriptHookV
- ScriptHookVDotNet
- iFruitAddon2 (included).

OTHER MODS (Optional)

It's better to enable MP maps to improve the "VIP Charter Jets" renting place.
Install a mod that enables MP maps like Simple Trainer V by sjaak327, then go to Teleports > Other teleports , then enable MP Maps, then go back to main menu then go to Options, then slide to the second menu, then go to save at the end and save the settings to ini file.

Other recommended mods:
- Personal Driver Service.
- Limousine Service.
- Private Security Service.


Pretty script that allows the player to have his Private Jet to shuttle between Los Santos and Sandy Shores as passenger.
- Full trajectory with take off, landing and everything.
- Trajectory based on reallife plane motions.
- Airhostess.
- Ability to skip to the destination.
- 2 Jet models to choose: Buckingham Luxor Deluxe; Buckingham Nimbus (beta).
- Custom seat.
- Companions support (max 3 companions, 4 passengers in total excluding the airhostess).
- Realistic Jet engine effect (Jet Blast).
- Can be used to escape from police (not under the vision of police).
- Blips.
- A cost to pay.
- Dismiss service with phone contact.
- Controller support.
- MP characters support.

Features premium (extra features of the premium version of our Patreon):
- Jet preparation from distance with phone call.
- Order Private Jet to come to Sandy Shores to pick you up and take you to Los Santos.

Infos about airports/airfields:
Main Game:
- Los Santos International Airport: Available.
- Sandy Shores Airfield: Available.
- McKenzie Airfield: Too short for Private Jet.
- Fort Zancudo: No way, it's a military base.
- Cayo Perico: In developement.
- Paleto Bay "Airport" by Patoche: Perposed.
- Others: will not be available.


Put "PrivateJet.dll", "iFruitAddon2.dll" and "PrivateJet.ini" files in "scripts" folder.


- Added jet preparation from distance with phone call.
- Added ability to order a Private Jet to come to Sandy Shores.

- Added phone contact.
- Added marker in the renting location.
- Added option to toggle hangar requirement.
- Added MP characters support.
- Fixed the bug of "We are having issues at this moment, come back later" from the start.
- Fixed NullReferenceException error.
- Fixed skip flight doesn't work sometimes.
- Fixed custom price not working.
- Improved getting in the jet while wanted.
- Improved controls.
- Other fixes and improvements.

1.0 beta:
- First release.


Alexander Blade


Making this mod was more challenging than what was expected.
Report any bug or things you see inappropriate.

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!
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