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Realistic Scripts (Pack) 1.9



This is a script Pack which is made to be make the game more realistic

Keys : (You can disable it trough the ini file)
F5, to see the Script info
F7, to check your wanted level

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Features (all of them are configurable through the ini file) :
- Realistic dispatch for police, emergency, fire department, ......(Police and all the other stuff like Emergency will need longer to come to a far place and to a normal place. They will be calmer as normal if you have 1 wanted level.
Just look the video about it to have a better perception)

- Vehicle Persistence (For example, you got into cars with Trevor and then got out again. Then you switch to franklin and go to trevor as franklin. You will see that the cars which trevor was in are still there.)

- Player Persistence(Character clothes will be the same until you change it)

- Pickup Objects Persistence(Weapons, Aid kits and all the other pickable stuff won't disappear, even if you far away)

- Realistic Aim (Shoot accuracy)

- no ability to control vehicle in air

- Realistic falling down the stairs (Character will hold the stairs to stop the falling down)

- Realistic Body Relaxation

- Fix Npc's don't drop equiped Weapon after death, also fixed Michael, Trevor and Franklin

- Npc's no more killable only by player

- Realistic Shootrate

- no wanted level at stealth kills if not many people see it (because at stealth kills you're quit and not many people would know who knocked the person out)

- no more glowing Pickups (like weapons or aid kits,....)

- no special abilities (in the ini file they are on, if you want to play without special abilities turn it off in the ini file)

- realistic time to breathe underwater

- Engine Blowout

Changelogs :
1.0.1 - fixed some bugs
1.0.2 - fixed bugs
1.1 - added Vehicle persistence feature
1.2 - added Npc's and the characters will drop ewuiped Weapon after death and Pickup Objects are Persistence feature. Fix the super heavy armor bug. And added realistic Shootrate.
1.3 - added .ini file
1.4 - added oiv file and new pickups.meta (no more glowing weapons, aid kits,........ )
1.5 - added realistic vehicle damage
1.6 - added realistic Dispatch and no wanted levels at stealth kills
1.7 - added no ability to control vehicle in air
1.8 - Player Body will relax a lil bit later after getting shot
1.9 - added realistic breathe time underwater, Engine Blowout feature and two options with buggy feature and without buggy feature - added Body relax later after getting shot

Requierements :
Skripthook V
Community Skritphook V

Installation [Manual]
1. install Skripthook V and Community SkritphookV
2. create a folder in your gta directory and name it "scripts"
3. Place the RealisticScriptPack.dll and RealisticScriptPack.ini into your scripts folder
4. Place pickups.meta and dispatch.meta to mods/update/update.rpf/common/data

Installation [OIV]
1. Install OpenIV
2. Click to Tool, then Asi Manager.And Install OpenIV.ASI and ASI Loader.
3. Click to Tool, then Package Installer. And then choose my file and install it.

Hope you like it and thanks for downloading.
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 1.7 [OIV or Manual]

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 1.6 (with special Abilities) [OIV or Manual]

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 1.5 (with Special Abilities) [OIV or Manual]

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 1.4 (with Special Abilities) [OIV or Manual]

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 1.3 (with Special Abilites)

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 1.2 (with Special Abilities)

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 1.1 (with Special Abilities)

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 1.0.2 (with Special Abilites)

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 1.0.1 (with Special Abilities)

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 1.0 (with Special Abilities)

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11 Tháng tư, 2021

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