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Track Recorder

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This is a simple script to help you create custom train tracks.

ScriptHookV (https://de.gta5-mods.com/tools/script-hook-v)

Make sure ScriptHookV is installed.
Copy the "TrackRecorder.asi" and "TrackRecorder.ini" into your GTA V main directory.

Walk (it is important that you actually are on foot when recording the tracks otherwise the z coords might be of) where you want to start the train track. Press the "J" (the key set in the ini file) to add the players current coordinates to the track file as train node. Then walk to the next point you want to add as node an press "J" again. Repeat this for all the nodes. You don't have to do this in one go. The script just appends a new node to the file everytime you press "J". So you can close the game and continue your work at a later point. When you are done and close or minimize the game you will se a "trainsXYZ.dat" file in your main GTA V diectory. Open this file in a program like Notepad++. Look how many lines the files has. Create a new line at the begining of the file and add the number of lines there. e.g. your file has 54 nodes in it you write 54 in the first line like this:

-818.4609 177.3405 70.91507 0
-819.3862 177.3305 70.72857 0

After that save the file and you have successfully created a train track.
If you want you can import this file in CodeWalker to add stations or correct the position of nodes.

In the TrackRecorder.ini you can change the key to another one. For example if you have another mod installed that already uses "J" to do something.

This script was used in the creation of:

Special Thanks to:
dexyfex (CodeWalker)
OpenIV Team (OpenIV)

Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy it :)
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