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Vehicle Keys 1.0.2



28/01/2019, V:1.0
02/02/2019, V:1.0.1

Ladys and gentlemen, this is a Car Remote\Fob Key.

What can does this script?
Better an image than thousand words, check the videos ;).
*this is what it's, a remote for control your vehicle.

*Custom Sound for engine Start-Up (Included Aventador and SuperFast)

** i modeled the keys myself **

**Only Mclaren P1, and Lamborghini Concept keys are included.
**lambo and ferrari keys still are Private\W.I.P.

***You need to enter in a vehicle first***


[Arrow key down]: Bring Key ;(Tap quickly twice): Quick Un/Lock.

[F12]: Edit Mode, move key position (X,Y,Z), in future rotation.*Keyboard support only for edit mode*

You can add as many keys as you want, the script was designed with the idea to have the car key for every car brand, and custom ones.

You can customize the buttons via ini file, tutorial in future*.

Check last picture to setup your own Vehicles/Key

[Fixed] Problem with Instructional keys (Scaleforms), *I was requesting instead of create a new one.
[Bug][Fixed in 1.01] If you open meenyo(maybe related to nativeUI), this script Instructional buttons stops to work, i don't know why :/.

***You Need:
All your ScripthookV files updated.


Check how addonprops works, i'll include all the files you need to get it working at first.

In the case your key turn invisible, try [F12] to go into edit mode and tweak the key position manually :), Thanks to: @Makinofaman29

This should help others too: I had "Leave Vehicle engine and lights on" in Menyoo mod enabled. This was causing the problem with key, startup of car, etc.


Put the content of model in addonProps.rpf, (Check how this mod works first!)
Put the Scripts folder inside your game root directory, that's it!!!, you're done.
Enjoy It!

All vehicles used for SC, credit to its authors, all cars are available in this site.

I always forgot something, so let me know if something is missing :P
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