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    @dankbrownies yeah i was wondering that as well. i know with trainers that you are able to usually change hotkeys to open menus but im just not sure how but if you still are interested i will try and figure that out for ya

    01 Tháng một, 2022
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    im pretty sure the contract broke this old and albeit unmanaged mod as i am trying to get this up and running and to no avail.
    i do know that before you needed a particular version of scripthook.net and native ui for it to even run so ive been trying that, for right now at least until someday this mod gets updated if you want this mod to run your going to have to live without the contract and downgrade your game for this to work.

    31 Tháng mười hai, 2021
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    dude i tried getting this to work for maybe half an hour but all of the other "required mods" you have linked you cant download because they ether dont exist anymore or it says some of them are "awaiting approval" its unusable.

    29 Tháng mười hai, 2021
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    what do you mean by "options menu" @MaxTheOne do you mean the pause menu or the quick menu??? i cant believe im confused by an under specification but can you clarify the menus i have to navigate to enable the hotkeys for the menu please?

    17 Tháng mười hai, 2021