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    @Ailur Annis doubles as Mazda. Annis produces the ZR-380 (350Z/370Z), and by extension produced the ZR-350 (RX-7 FD3S), they made the Pinnacle (GTA 4) (Maxima), the Savestra (RX-3), and the RE-7B (787B).

    22 Tháng ba, 2019
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    Um, the graphics are messed up for me, like, in the same way cars with new liveries after an update are fucked up. I also can't seem to access the liveries at all.

    22 Tháng ba, 2019
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    Gauntlet Hellhound
    Gresley Hellhound SUV

    20 Tháng ba, 2019
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    One word: YES.

    17 Tháng ba, 2019
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    @8541ss Yes they are. But, just saying "trash" is worthless criticism. I know some of the "short"comings, like the fucked up wheels since I can't change the ZR-380's track width so you can't see them (I've tried, it doesn't save VStancer), the lack of some parts (since I couldn't find them), since I used a warning light as the base for the pod thing on the roof in the center, it makes it red in darkness, your visibility is heavily obscured in the driver view, and the two things on the spoiler may not spawn for some reason. I have no idea how I got them to spawn for the screenshots I took, but they did. So yes, I know my mod has problems, very big problems in some cases, but I'd like actual criticism, even of the obvious stuff that I mentioned, instead of a one word useless remark.

    06 Tháng một, 2019
  • 0c781f 4020917314 03e12160d6 z

    @wouhz How NOT to be helpful 101:
    Just say "trash" or "this sucks" instead of "this is trash because..."

    31 Tháng mười hai, 2018
  • 0c781f 4020917314 03e12160d6 z

    No download for the latest version now. 10/10

    27 Tháng mười hai, 2018
  • 0c781f 4020917314 03e12160d6 z

    I think this is GREAT as is, but the lack of tuning is a turnoff. Add some of the options from the Ellie, like the exhausts (including the side ones), the or hoods. Add an option to switch the driving lights to the top like the Ellie, maybe change the taillights into one big piece like Eleanor. Also, a more filled in front bumper, without the vents, would provide a cooler look, I feel.

    17 Tháng mười hai, 2018
  • 0c781f 4020917314 03e12160d6 z

    @RezaM39 I hope you do! That Dinka Whatever-it's-called looks damn awesome, and I'd download it in an instant!

    10 Tháng mười hai, 2018
  • 0c781f 4020917314 03e12160d6 z

    This, this is really good. But, I do have some problems and suggestions. First, the cars here aren't too recognizable, I imagine most people get this pack for the Dukes Mayhem and the Fukyu Z (yes really). There's no Disgustang, no Camaro Crusher, no General Maintenance, none of the popular cars, other than the Rotsun and General Mayhem. Now for some suggestions. The Dukes Mayhem's wheels are inaccurate to the ones on the real car, and should be redesigned, and the Rotsun doesn't have different wheels in the back. Also, the Mayhem should have a fishnet design in front of singular lights, like the real thing, and should have an option for a twin circle or modern Charger taillight design. Finally, a General Maintenance made from a Buffalo S would be awesome. After all, what's the point of having the Mayhem if you can't have the maintenance as well?

    03 Tháng mười hai, 2018