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Lý do ban: Insulting.
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  • 815406 demon face

    I seriously love this model! Thanks!

    31 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    Jesus man lovely interior, just the seats have this slightly mat blurry texture thing going on

    31 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    @Zemanez In reply to the bit about posh/poor peds. If you had a very long list of checks for the model would it be possible? I can do the listing copy paste work. Would something like

    is ped m_generic2? change weapons to...

    Or is that just something I made up? hehe

    31 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face
  • 815406 demon face

    Oh and Menyoo has a feature where you can decrease the weapon damage modifier, so copy that if you want, I'd like it for sure. Oh and tenfold bullets! Re do tenfold bullets! I don't like the way in menyoo it's the same repeated pattern of shots every single time you shoot, the bullets land in the same pattern. Mix it up, make it a 7up
    crisp and clean no caffine...

    30 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    You don't get me and that's fine, but for the sake of principle and the record I just couldn't, and sitll can't believe that after all the walls of text (lol) you wrote me back say, and I quote... "Uh, no. That sounds psycho, if people in real life heard you, they'd be weirded out". @Zemanez Yeah, doesn't sound nice does it?

    Anyway, at the end of the day my ideas are brilliant whether you agree or think I am on zippo raid cocain, they are great and expansive ideas.

    Peds already injured - randomly apply damage decals to angry peds
    Peds can't die from melee fighting - this will make their melee fights look great in the background of whatever the player is doing
    Peds can't jack your vehicle, instead they run infront of your car. There is an animation of a character jumping INTO a car windscreen. @Hunk did a cool mod which had a repair and PUSH a broken down car animation, so maayyyybee this could be a thing. Peds swarm vehicle instead of hijack Somtimes, Always, never, etc
    Peds pull out firearms when attacked BY firearms
    Poor peds have melee/ pistols
    Posh/ industrial/ work peds have machine and shot guns
    Police cannot shoot peds - THINK how cool random chases and shooutouts would be if the peds just kept misfiring at eachtoher
    Subermisible cinematic camera.
    Anchor - for keeping boats and seaplanes in place underwater or above
    Peds can't take damage from melee/ this would add a cool "tough fight" feeling to every melee fight. Imagine beating a guy for so long... what? No seriously, imagine kicking a guy in the face and getting all dat ImprovedGore decals out... only for him to get up and charge you. hehe
    Final idea, please increase the weapon damage multiplier modifier (damn thats a mouth full) to go higher than it does now..

    I eagerly await my reception lol :3

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    30 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    @Zemanez Yeah that's all great mate thanks, but I want to bring this back to normality. So take a breath, damn...

    Anyway the camera would only 'twitch' if the player stays near the surface. I go deep sea mf diving in my GTA dawg. And stop telling me how to enjoy gta V, just cos I don't play with fireworks mode and have an anime fluffy fox picture doesn't mean I'm weird... I just like shooting peds.

    There are 2 on fire, 1 burning skin and 7 screams/ impact sounds for EACH PED! EACH PED! R* spent maybe even millions of dollairs on recording people screaming, screaming dull, screaming as loud as they can, muffled screaming, fire screaming, pain sound, coughing, bleeding out sounds. I guess Zippo Raid is weird too huh? Oki doki.

    anway, I want peds to be able to have 50/50 fist/ melee fights rather than 90% weapons. I want to be in control of Angry peds layout. And how cool does a peds are injured option sound?

    When you come round the corner there is 6 peds, 2 dead bodies and a bunch of smoke n blood. This is base GTA with ENT I'm talking about dawg, so don't get carried away... all I'm saying is that if you took the same principle Menyoo has with something called DAMAGE PACKS, an option could be added so peds look like they've been alive before you made them spawn by getting close. Makes them look like they have been doing stuff...

    Final poo note.... the comment, the one you never replied to and then later replied to saying the reason you didn't reply to my massive 8 paragraph comment was because it was 'weird', well how about this... get ready for it.... thats rude. I wrote all that. I wrote all this. Try CTRL+Scroll wheel mate :(((

    30 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    @Zemanez You're very sensible, what spectrum do you like to be placed on by the adults?
    And no, the subermisble is for exploring the depths of the San Andreas. You're just shooting down my ideas and attempting to be rude by pretending you think the idea of an underwater cinematic camera is stupid, well you are then
    Ahaha listen up everyone, all the horror game developers in the world need help.


    And please don't forget my ideas in which I came up with probably through years of developing something called taste. Yeah, a taste for games, visuals, ya know photons. Those things we look at most of the times...

    And, how cool would an option such as All peds have injuries (easy to achieve via INJURED_PED checks and stuff, right? I have ScreamingInjuredPeds and I modified it in lua to make them scream when shot, if remember how I did it, it may help you?) - perhaps draw damage overlays on 50% of peds option, be?

    I love coming by 3 abandoned cars, headlights on and fuel leaking, 4 peds all shooting the shit outta eachother. How about we make this better?

    Another idea, peds have melee excpet when you are shooting at them - this will help so much in fair-death situations. When the whole town is rioting and you only got a knife it can be fun, but unfair. A 50/50 chance of ped pulling a gun would be even cooler. Maybe a little melee fight modifier ;)

    30 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    An option to make peds burn longer.

    Easy to achieve, set ped health to 30000 when on fire, that gives us about 34 seconds of long ass screaming n cooking for a Strong ped (fireman tested)

    Another idea, peds have melee excpet when you are shooting at them - this will help so much in fair-death situations. When the whole town is rioting and you only got a knife it can be fun, but unfair. A 50/50 chance of ped pulling a gun would be even cooler. Maybe a little melee fight modifier ;)

    Does the submersible have to be a non-cinematic camera vehicle? IMAGINE how cool the under water world would look with cinematic camera. I tried enabling it in the vehicles meta, but alas

    30 Tháng bảy, 2019
  • 815406 demon face

    @PsychoDad Damn, must be high on that goo shi

    Thanks for the nice mod! Can't wait to see what you do next with it

    30 Tháng bảy, 2019