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Lý do ban: Uploading other's work without permission
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  • Trevor2

    @thalilmythos thanks for responding and recommending me that mod I'll look into it fs but I've also somewhat changed the drug trafficking mod I've added a more realistic way to sell to peds and prices I'll try update it more and probably release it. Also thought about giving Meth operation an update and perhaps adding businesses like the coke lockups and such.

    And gotta say your mods are great really love the beef and the homies, wish you could make the JavelineV hits activate once you call a contact instead of pressing a key would be more realistic.

    Also I wanna mention that even without the homies installed whenever Michael or Trevor beef with the family nobody really shoots nor are there any backup vehicles also I have hits disabled I'm not sure if that's got anything to do with it. Idk if it's a bug or it's just how the mod is but I'm just letting you know fam don't attack Michael or Trevor just send the "you're dead" text.

    10 Tháng năm, 2023
  • Trevor2

    Just to make it a bit more clear if you could

    Take inspiration from Drug Trafficking V2 in regards to dealers selling you product and buying it (in bulk especially) then moving it to another dealer and have only prices between dealers fluctuate (getting higher or lower per bag) that'd be great also hopefully all this would be configurable all prices and quantities

    Take inspiration from LS life to have a plug friend who'll put the word out you have product and are selling which would generate random peds coming to you to buy/getting in your vehicle to buy while also having a chance to get the cops called on you if you sell in 1 area for too long (peds would warn you too) or even being attacked by rival gangs (could really work with the homies and the beef) and also have your plug friend send someone you can buy weapons from someone with a van and lots of weapons/ammo/bullet proof vests. While selling would be interesting if the mod would spawn it's own "rival drug dealer" but only while selling and after selling for a while so it doesn't interfere with random events or other mods like LS life does so you could kill him and take his product and for example the rival dealer would be from a gang that's canonically in that area like red necks in sandy shores or ballas in grove yk (here's where the beef would really work). This would be amazing and let's not forget the addition of a personal stash car or stash houses or even dealers you can hire but hopefully it'll all be configurable unlike LS life and Drug Trafficking.

    And if that's too much I'd at least wish you could make the AITG mod start on startup and have a contact that'll put the word out for deliveries that way it'd be more realistic!

    07 Tháng năm, 2023
  • Trevor2

    @thalilmythos I love your mods my man I wish you could make a simple drug dealing mod. Have a dealer or more around the map to buy product from them then deliver on the street, if you could take inspiration from LS life that's be great like once you buy off drug dealers you use your phone and call a contact that enables random selling to peds around you kinda like how LS life does and even get texts for a bigger quantity delivery to a certain place, buying weapons just like LS Life would also be a nice addition. If you'd ever develop something like that I'd even suggest being able to sell from dealer to dealer (bigger quantity) maybe drug prices between dealer fluctuate like Drug Trafficking V2. I'm just say if you could make something like that a mod similar to both Drug trafficking V2 and LS life but without ruining other mods like LS life does I'd be very happy and post about it everywhere! I bet even bigger YouTubers like Very High and Games&Graphics would love it! Anyway man keep up the good work!

    07 Tháng năm, 2023
  • Trevor2

    @handsomelad27 sorry I meant to say we shouldn't have a time limit once we get sent to prison (assuming you'll add a fully functional prison as you said) and instead we'll need to escape that on our own perhaps you could add things that were in the prison life mod like gangs, drug dealing and working out. Everything does seem great so far but there's a few issues with other mods and there's easy way around these issues for example once ride is skipped make the car spawn before the policeman makes that left turn to enter the garage and of course if you could lock the car instead of the current thing that way the cop won't bug out and constantly try to leave due to the interface of either better chases + or pull me over. Also once we spawn in jail we have a shotgun in our inventory due to the car ride so if you could automatically clear inventory once more once we spawn in the jail cell that'll make it more realistic and the settings in the menu such as "always skip ride" or "disable notifications" reset once we exist the game would be nice if our settings could save so we don't have to redo everything everytime we play. Thanks for reading

    PS anyone having issues with their warrant from better chases + just configure the recognition speed from 100% to 20% or less in the menu in the arrest warrant section.

    30 Tháng tư, 2023
  • Trevor2

    @handsomelad27 It's a good mod with great potential however there's some compatibility issues such as with better chases + and pull me over. If you could make it so that once we surrender we become "never wanted" during the ride to prison and during our stay in jail the mod would be much better! Also I'd love to see a court system and a functional prison where you have a time limit but have to escape on your own you could add more things such as a warrent after escaping but please make all these things optional in the ini file for better compatibility with other mods! Thank you for reading

    21 Tháng tư, 2023