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    @tk0wnz Hi,

    I have a some questions for you. First question is this. Would you be willing to edit your latest version 1.1b and remove some of the extras from the models in Zmodeler 3?

    My second question is this. After you have edited the models in Zmodeler 3 and removed the extras that I have listed below. Would you let me upload this mod as a General Lee Only Version?

    This is why I need certain extras removed. I would also like the General Lee items to not be extras but to be permanent objects as well.

    I would also like it if you replaced the current wheel model with that of the American Racing "General Lee" Vector Wheel so that it is not needed as a custom tuning mod.

    And also make the Black Rear-End permanent as well instead of being a custom tuning mod. Please get back to me on this when you can.

    Again the extras I want removed are listed below. As well as the ones I want kept. And the custom tuning mods to be permanent.

    Thank you.

    Extras to Remove:

    #3 Front Plate
    #7 R/T logo sides (PAINT1)
    #8 Sideskirts
    #10 Hood Latch Clips
    #12 Tachometer Gage

    Extras to Keep:

    #1 Front Entenna

    Extras to be Permanent for General Lee Only Version:

    #2 Door Mirror
    #4 CB Antenna
    #11 Cage

    Custom Tuning Mods to be Permanent for General Lee Only Version:

    Black Rear-End
    American Racing "General Lee" Vector Wheels

    05 Tháng chín, 2017
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    @cyberzone2 That is exactly what I meant. Everyone is bitching about there not being the ability to import and export vehicles yet.

    They don't seem to realize that it is like you said it is the hardest to make. Maybe if they would learn to use Zmodeler 3 but I don't see that happening.

    Regardless they need to be patient and wait. And if they can't then they need to stop crying about it and just shut the hell up. Anyways I have said my peace on the matter.

    04 Tháng một, 2017
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    Stop complaining about there not being the ability to import and export vehicles yet. Give him time to work it out. If you can't wait then use Zmodeler 3. It is that simple. Jesus your like a bunch of fucking impatient children...

    03 Tháng một, 2017
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    If anyone wants my General Lee Paint Job's then please let me know. I made 3 different versions. The Georgia Era(Early Season 1), California & Late California Era's(Mid Season 1 to Season 7) & The 2005 and 2007 Movie's.

    I have posted the links to the images below. If you want the files please let me know and I will post the link to them. It took me forever to make them trying to get everything as accurate as possible in size and placement.

    But it paid off so I hope you like them. Just look at the pictures and if you want me to post the link to the files then please let me know. I have uploaded them to MediaFire so everyone should be able to downlad them no problem.

    Thank you.

    Link: http://imgur.com/a/Yg35g

    01 Tháng một, 2017
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    @tk0wnz What handling does this car use? Does it use the default Dukes handling or another vehicles handling or is it modded?

    20 Tháng mười hai, 2016
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    @Meth0d Are you planning to make AddonVehicles or AddonWeapons plugins as well? I know you can already spawn addon vehicles and weapons but plugins for this would be nice.

    That way we only have to use 1 tool per to add vehicles, weapons, peds and objects to the game and a trainer to spawn them. Sure would be nice to only have to use 4 plugins and a trainer for addons.

    I figured id mention this since you already made AddonPeds and AddonProps. I figured you might consider making AddonVehicles and AddonWeapons as well to complete the cycle so to speak.

    Anyways just let me know what your plans are for this. Would be great if you would do this though. But if not then oh well. Just throwing out the ideas is all. But regardless thanks again none the less for all the stuff you do make.

    Thank you.

    18 Tháng mười hai, 2016
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    Evil Dead!!!!

    18 Tháng mười hai, 2016
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    @Knight Racer Why will you guys not make karrs interior? A two tone car color and voice box texture change isn't going to cut it. Its still season 4 kitt.

    You need to make karrs season 1 dash, switch pods, lower console, the season 3 upper console and his licence plate so he looks like he did in kitt vs karr. Would it really be that hard to do?

    I mean come on guys that wouldn't take very long to do. A month at the most. At least make it as an extra for kitt if not another vehicle all together just for karr. Please guys.

    24 Tháng tám, 2016
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    @Knight Racer So you aren't making convertible kitt, spm kitt or season 3 karr? May I ask why? Surely it wouldn't be that hard to do. Honestly I wish someone would convert Tobie's models.

    They are more accurate in my opinion. And with better textures for some stuff they would be great in gta 5. But I guess that is wishful thinking. Maybe someday someone will convert his models.

    I guess will have to wait and see. Still I would make convertible kitt, spm kitt and season 3 karr at least. Sure it would take time but it would be worth it. But if not then oh well. Thanks again none the less for what you have done so far.

    Thank you and Peace.

    27 Tháng bảy, 2016
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    @Knight Racer Hi,

    I Just wanted to say the new version looks great. However I would like to suggest a few things for future updates.

    I have listed those below in detail. I hope you consider doing these and other updates as well. Until then good luck and best of wishes.

    Thank you and Peace.

    My Ideas and Improvements List:

    - Make the tail lights and reverse lights appear if even only a little bit. Maybe make the tail lights blackout a bit transparent.

    Like say 10 to 20 percent or so. That way you can at least see them at night time or when the lights are on and when braking and reversing like on the show.

    - Fix the brake lights if its possible. Make it so only the two middle tail lights on each side light up when braking and not all three tail lights on each side.

    Since that is how a real trans am is. But if isn't possible to do that then all three tail lights lighting up on each side will have to do.

    - Fix the headlights. Make it so all three fog lights on each side work as well as the pop up headlights. It would be nice to have it so all the fog lights light up and not just have the glowing textures.

    And to where the pop up headlights actually pop up as well if that's possible. Maybe make the pivots on the pop up headlights model rotated so they pop up correctly instead of sliding up or down like on the Dukes vehicle.

    - Make the digital dash work. Not sure if custom digital dash textures will work or not or if you have to use the digital dash textures already in the game.

    But if it's possible then you should do that. So that the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, oil gauge, and engine temperature gauge all work.

    Maybe not the turn signal indicators, handbrake indicator, headlights indicators and so on since kitt didn't have those in the show.

    Or where not shown at least but those others I mentioned are a must and are apart of the dash itself already and work on the game as well.

    I know it is possible to have custom models for the analog dashes so you can have the correct needles for custom models and not the standard yellow ones.

    But I am not sure on the digital dashes. Though I would think it would be since the analog dashes can have custom needles but I am not sure on the digital dashes.

    - Make convertible mode kitt, spm kitt and season 3 karr. I know that would be a lot of work but I think that any true knight rider fan would agree that to have all three versions of kitt from season 4 plus season 3 karr would be a great addition.

    Also perhaps make the pilot kitt. season 1 kitt, season 2 kitt, season 3 kitt and season 1 karr as well. Or maybe add those as extras to the vehicle that's already made if you decide to make them.

    However since there is a limit to extras a vehicle can have then perhaps just make 3 or 4 vehicles. One vehicle for the pilot kitt, season 1 kitt and season 2 kitt since they are the same minus a few details.

    Such as the overhead and lower consoles being different. Sometimes having three fog lights per side and sometimes only 2 fog lights per side.

    As well as sometimes having a front bumper grille for the fog lights and a tow bar on the front under the front bumper.

    And the front bumper being different on the pilot kitt and no tail light blackout on the pilot kitt. And the white knight two thousand lettering on the steering wheel for the pilot kitt.

    Then another vehicle for season 3 kitt and season 4 kitt, convertible kitt and spm kitt. Since season 3 kitt and season 4 kitt are the same except for the overhead and lower consoles as well. Plus the added convertible kitt and spm kitt features.

    Then one vehicle for season 1 karr and season 3 karr. Since again they are the same except for the overhead and lower consoles.

    As well as the fog lights grille on season 1 karr. And the two tone colors for season 3 karr and season 3 karr having a licence plate when season 1 karr didn't.

    - Other ideas and improvements if I think of any. That is it for now.

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    21 Tháng bảy, 2016