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2000 Ford Mustang Saleen [Add-On | Tuning] 0.1


This Model is from Forza 4. all editing done by Locotomb. There will be updates for bugs. But it's got a lot done to it. Don't let me ward you off. I put a lot of hours learning and enjoying the build.

p.S. There's some bugs, the door windows don't break out all the way for some reason. I'll figure it out soon and update. Along with whatever else is going on. like his seating position.

http://gamemodels.ru/ Is where I downloaded this archive. If you're new to modding like I am, I recommend checking it out. you'd be pleasantly surprised at their content.

This Model consists of;
-HQ mirrors
-Working dials
-Edited Handling
-Front and Back Indicators
-Roll Cage
-Three hoods to choose from
-Front Bumper Race/Grille Dress
-Two Spoilers and a Center Brake light that I hope to address really soon.
_All breakable window (driver door and passenger door bugged. they only
shatter. Hopefully addressed soon.)

There may be more, Check it out and thanks for downloading.!!

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