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2006 GMC Seirra 1500 [Add-On / FiveM]

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Hello guys Polarbearr/Biggy P. with another release,
This time i bring you a 2006 gmc seirra 1500 crew cab, lifted on a set of americain force traxx ss.
This truck can tow most trailers on 5mods.

ADD_ON instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVB5t5ZNlOM

Add dlcpacks:\polar06seirra\ to your dlclist

Original model: Devine#0001 his discord: https://discord.gg/tccyxsAV7S
Wheels : Capone#0627, converted to gta v by me


Has working dials
Hands on wheel (ish)
Body is Paint:1
Lift is Paint:2

You may not upload or redistribute without my consent.
This vehicle is free to use in any FiveM servers, just credit me.

Looking for a good rp server? Try Peach State RP! https://discord.gg/5RPfvVJuRV
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