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2021 Audi RS6-R ABT [Add-On | Animated | VehFuncs V ] [HOTFIX]

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||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|| 2021 Audi RS6-R ABT ||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||

Base model: Natural motion
Edit & convert to GTAV: Harvinoiid
Screenshots location : Parking (from CarX Drift Racing Online) by AnLan

|lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI changelog |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||


- Fix car don't spawn

Version 5.0

- Refresh and up to date.
- Added vertex color
- Etc

Version 4.0

- Added panoramic skyview
- minor upgrades

Version 2.0

- Reworked interior
- Added ABT rim
- new DLC name

Version 1.0

- Release

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Installation |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

1.Read the Readme inside the archive.

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Bug Report's politics |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

Feel free to report all bugs you find related to the conversion, or the texturing.
Start your message by

[BUG] : describe the bug
[URL] : screenshot of the bug if necessary

( Don't post : * car don't have sound or *handling is bad or *my game crash in loading)

I will try to fix at ten bugs or each month

Please DO NOT EDIT the car without my permission. Thank you!
Please DO NOT SELL the car without my permission. Thank you!
Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my mods on other sites. Thank you!
Please DO NOT TRADE my mods on other sites. Thank you!
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Tải lên lần đầu: 06 Tháng một, 2022
Cập nhật lần cuối: 22 Tháng tám, 2023
Last Downloaded: 10 phút trước

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