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Brazilian Police Forces - Lore Friendly Pack [Add-On] 3.0


Dozens of cheap knockoff police vehicle replicas from the sunny but crime-ridden Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro were made to be wrecked, smashed and crushed by a big ass vault in high-speed pursuits for one of the dozen titles from that famous movie franchise featuring a bald dude who loves to drink Cerveza Barracho and his inbred family while driving riced cars, probably High Octane Drivers IV or V, they are all the same anyway.

A few and brave surviving fake-ass police cars that survived the filming, the criminal-controlled illegal dismantling junkyards and the bloody and underdeveloped streets of Rio came on the latest batch to some weird collectors who love to hoard useless crap (probably a few São Paulo police unities that weren't blown when a fat bald gringo with a bad temper went on a revenge crusade got mixed in inside one of these containers)

Five Star Police Auctions

This is a pack of lore friendly Brazilian police vehicles which consists of eleven vehicles from five Brazilian police agencies. The seals from each agency also has been modified to fit the GTA universe and some references were taken from the movie Fast Five and Max Payne 3.

- policerio - PCRJ Buffalo S
- policerio2 - PCRJ Asea
- pmrjcar - PMRJ Feroci
- pmrjcar2 - PMRJ Cavalcade
- pmrjcar3 - PMRJ Ingot
- pmrjmav - PMRJ Maverick
- prfcar - FRP Gresley
- prfcar2 - FRP Landstalker
- prfcar3 - FRP Pinnacle
- pmspcar - PMSP Chavos
- ufesuv - UFE Coyote

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Mapped Buffalo S, Asea, Ingot, Maverick, Chavos and Cavalcade
- AlexanderLB - Liveries and logos
- Yard1 - Mapped Gresley
- IVPack - Converted IV vehicles
- Le Shark - Mapped Coyote
- Thundersmacker - Coyote
- Dani02 - Converted Coyote
- 11john11 - Lighting settings
- Aquamenti - Mapped Feroci, Pinnacle and Landstalker
- RafaelSousaSam - Screenshots

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 2.0 - Added three new vehicles
- 3.0 - Fixed a few bugs from all vehicles and added two new vehicles to the pack

Do not modify or re-upload without author's permission. Do not ask for ELS versions. Do not use in FiveM without permission.
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