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Dinka Jester [Add-On | Extras | Tuning | Liveries | LODS] 1.2


Northwind's Jester

My first major modelling project is done.(For now anyway.) This was a response to the beta Jester that Rockstar Games added (but didn't release) in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update. Originally I intended to
remake the old San Andreas Jester kits and be done, but I couldn't stop, it kept evolving into what it is now.

I decided to change the headlight style because it was getting too close to the source car and it bothered me.
I like the new style more as it is an improvement on the original ones, while still keeping the classic Jester look. (You could also look at it as a face lift change.)

There will be one more kit that is being made by Dynamo but at the time of posting he hasn't finished it.
After that I cannot add more since there is a limit on how many parts can be added.

Why is it Dinka instead of Karin? The more time i have spent on the Vanillaworks Discord server the more I realised that the brand Rockstar picked doesn't really matter. Like many of the cars they create the manufacturers
are also an amalgamation of many. (For example Toyota Lancer evolution X = kuruma, eh no) TL;DL I don't think it matters what brand it is.

Big thanks to the Vanillaworks and Lorify discord servers for all the help, criticism, and being an all around good craic.

---- Features ----

- New Interior
- New stock engine
- Animated engine tuning
- Engine Swaps
- 3d body panel lines (removed the painted on ones)
- Functional Nitrous
- More Bodykits, Wings, Hoods, Door Mirrors, etc.
- More liveries
- Head light and Tail light customisation
- Realigned wheels
- Reshaped the rear hatch (trunk)
- Customised engine audio - turbos are more noticeable and present at stock, and transmission whine less

---- Change Log ----

- V1.1 Corrected the optional handling line to the right one.
- V1.2 Corrected the vehicle collision, added information to readme/description, more pictures added

---- Optional Handling lines ----

- Stock by Fuksias – Close to R*'s handling but with more of a weighted feel to the rear.
- Optional by Eddlm – A more realistic approach.

Try both of them out to see which one suits you, both are quite fun to drive.

---- Extras and what they do ----

You can combine the logo sun strips with one of the coloured ones or use on their own.

Extra1 - Stock spoiler
Extra2 - Turbo badge
Extra3 - Primary colour sun strip
Extra4 - Secondary colour sun strip
Extra5 - Jester logo sun strip
Extra6 - Bayshore sun strip
Extra7 - Alien sun strip
Extra8 - X-Flow sun strip
Extra9 - Dinka Motorsport sun strip

---- Paint ----

Primary - The main colour of the car (obviously), extra 3 sunstrip, Seat Belts (all excpt bucket)
Secondary - Brake calipers, extra 4 sunstrip, Seat belts (Bucket Seats)

Depending on which trainer you use these two paint options may be called something different.

Trim - Interior colours; Dial surrounds, Seats, Steering wheel line (not sure what it is called), Door cards, Air filter cones, Pullies

Accent - Hood neon (Alien hood with neon), Trunk speakers neon

---- Incompatibilities ----

Not all parts are compatible with each other

- Targa Roof, Curved rear side window - not compatible with any race interior.
- GT Interior not compatible with Rally rear bumper
- Eye lids are not compatible with many of the headlight styles
- Spats are best suited for the stock rear bumper styles

---- Known Issues ----

- If you have the old version of this mod (karin_jester) please remove it as it will conflict with some parts of this mod.

- Head light and tail light glass does not break. I can make them break but since you can change the style the glass collision can not be disabled (at the present time) I was not able to find a suitable solution to that.

- Modified headlight and tail lights do not break, they just stop lighting up. (At the present time R* has not done any customisation so I believe that is why they don't fully work.)

- Wide arch parts need vstancer to space out the wheels otherwise they don't look very good.

- The base car has hand made lods (good for adding into traffic), but the tuning parts have auto generated lods, they don't look great.

- I have a bought copy of GTA so I am not going to be much help you if you don't. Need arena wars dlc because of nitrous otherwise afterhours for the rest, as far as I know.

- No mods show up in tuning menus? That is a modkit id conflict.

---- Resolving modkit id problems ----

Unfortunatelly this will involve a little trial and error.
In OpenIV navigate to dlc.rpf\data with edit mode on right click and edit (Ctrl+enter) carcols.meta and after carvariations.meta At the top of the carcols document the lines.

The number needs to be changed to one that is not in use in your game. This may take a while to find one if you have a lot of vehicle add-on's installed.

The modkit id is also present in the carvariations.meta towards the bottom of the document (line 127).
The id number must match the number assigned in carcols.

One way to reduce time waste on finding the modkit id's you are using would be to install Add-on spawner by IKT Add-on Spawner

---- Installation ----

- Place the folder nw_jester in to your mods folder GrandTheftAutoV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

- Add dlcpacks:/nw_jester/ into your dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data

Spawn name jester5

- If you want to try out the optional handling line by Eddlm (I recommend you do) navigate to nw_jester\dlc.rpf\data

---- Credits ----

In no particular order

The vehicle artist/s at Rockstar Games - Original model
13Stewartc - Showing me the basics of zmodeler
GhostRider - Stock Tail lights
Provo - Help with the Rally spoiler
Le Shark - Sniper kit
IGnoTon - Help with Sketchup
Monky - Help with audio issues
Fuksias - Stock handling
Eddlm - Optional handling
Boywond - Badges, NFS style liveries
FilipJDM - Alien badge
BB20 - Void Breaker kit

-- Livery creators and converters --

The Secret Power - Maximum Acceleration, Classic Tuner, Sage, Gensai drift, Branded

GogoDG - coolhand #63 conversion, Tongvazone, Dinka In-house Customisation, Globe Oil #9, Rapid Stripes
conversion, Underground Racer, Maximum Acceleration conversion, Sage conversion, Branded + black and white
conversion, Gensai drift conversion, Classic tuner conversion, How is your car running, Akai Ryu, Double
Crossed conversion, Blacklisted conversion.

VNQSHR - Madwheels

NAstyWiNN3R - Rapid Stripes

---- Photographers ----

- (Ambient)
- Dnero
- Eddlm
- Fin
- JoonasPRKL
- M16Striker
- StannyBoy
- _tom__cruise_
- GtaV_Los_Santos
- Its Gam3r
- NorthwindJME
- Sealyx
- Valantè Luize Sushi (Checkout Photoshoot stage [Menyoo] to take your own in-game render style pictures)

I had many pictures to chose from not all of them could be uploaded to the site, so I included them in the archive.

DISCLAIMER: Do not post this mod behind a paywall. If you paid for this, you've been scammed!

Feel free to use in servers, port it to other games I have no issue with this.
It is unlocked on purpose as it is a vanilla edit. You can use the car or parts if you like but please credit me. If you want to use parts that someone else has created please ask them first.

Thanks for downloading, I hope you enjoy.
~ Northwind JME
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