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In-Universe Autobot Vehicles (Menyoo) 1.2


Before I get berated with comments telling me I need to make add-ons or saying how useless Menyoo vehicles are, I'm just doing this for fun. It's an experiment to see what it's like to finally upload something to the website. I beg you, Bob332, please don't hurt my sensitive little feelies.

Comment worth noting:
"Wherthe Optimus Prime, 1 star no prime u suck"

This is a pack of custom Menyoo created vehicles that I'm shamelessly spitting into the vehicles category. Each character has a unique license plate and different variations of themselves which are meant to represent them in different franchises/movies. I will be updating with more characters in the future. Look below for requirements and needed mods!

*More screenshots to come!*

Needed mod(s):


- Drag all files from "Autobots.rar" into Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Vehicles

Update to 1.2:
- Added Wheeljack Classic Movie Variant
- Added new screenshots

Update to 1.1:
- Added Sideswipe (G1)
- Added Sunstreaker (G1)
- Added Arcee (ROTF)
- Added Chromia (ROTF)
- Added Elita-One (ROTF)
- Fixed typo in Cogman's plate

List of current characters:
Arcee (ROTF)
Beachcomber (Original)
Bumblebee Classic Variant (AOE)
Bumblebee Retro Variant (Original)
Bulkhead (Original Movieverse Variant)
Chromia (ROTF)
Cliffjumper Classic Variant (Original)
Cogman (TLK)
Crosshairs (AOE/TLK)
Drift (AOE)
Elita-One (ROTF)
Exhaust (Original)
Hot Rod Classic Variant (Original)
Hot Rod UK Variant (TLK)
Hot Rod (TLK)
Hound (Original)
Ironhide (TF1, ROTF, DOTM)
Jazz (TF1)
Jolt (ROTF)
Sideswipe (G1)
Skids (ROTF)
Sunstreaker (G1)
Wheeljack Classic Variant (G1)
Wheeljack (DOTM)
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