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LSSD Pack Extended 2.0 (outdated, unmaintained)


After almost a year in development, I finally feel it's ready to be released - LSSD Pack Extended 2.0. It is composed of 23 vehicles, which are split between 5 themed sub-packs, and each of them can be easily disabled if it's not for your liking.
Most vehicles were based on or inspired by LA Sheriff Department fleet, from a promotion van and retro cruisers, to a heavy off-road truck and few truly unique show-cars. I've been inspired by real vehicles, but tried not to copy them down to a bit. A good match with game standarts, diversity and uniqueness were my primary goals, hope you'll enjoy the result.

This mod is an expansion for 11john11's awesome LSSD Pack. This Extended pack follows the same overall styling and design choices. LSSD Pack is not required for my mod to function, but is highly recommended for the best experience.

To prevent issues:
- SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is highly recommended for this mod to prevent lighting ID conflicts, which can make emergency lights look wrong if you have many other mods.
- A custom gameconfig.xml, Packfile Limit Adjuster and HeapAdjuster allow you to avoid most crashes and other common problems with GTA 5 mods - please install them if you're modding your game extensively.

- Customisation, extras and multiple liveries allow most vehicles to be changed to your preferences and look diverse. This will help with immersion, no matter if you are the one chased by LSSD or are a cop yourself.
- Edited sounds and sound configs give few vehicles unique engine sounds and sirens, which can be changed to your own without affecting other models.
- Custom handling configurations make driving experience unique for every vehicle.
- Detailed interiors and equipment let you play immersively even in the 1st person view.
- Ambient scenarios will make sure these vehicles appear naturally in the game world.
- Handmade LODs put relatively low load on game engine, while maintaining good details in the distance. No vehicles will disappear when you go 50 meters away.

Models and their "spawn codes":
- sheriffcont - Vapid Contender
Heavy-duty off-road truck, for the roughest of terrains and the toughest of suspects.

- sheriffheavy - Vapid Sandking XL
Lightly armored tactical pickup, or an unmarked Aerial Support Unit, or a massive patrol cruiser, or an sneaky unmarked. It's your choice.

- sheriffslick - Vapid Stanier (Beater)
Make a mistake and your sergeant will assign you to this one.

- sheriffintc - Vapid Torrence
Trusted workhorse of many police agencies across the US these days.

- sheriffscoutold - Vapid Scout w/ Arjent lightbar
SUV brother of the Torrence, if you've been to LS you saw one of these. An older model, saved from 11john11's LSSD pack.

- sheriffoffroad - Vapid Sadler Sport
The most GTA law enforcement vehicle, thanks to its concealed machine guns with a load of lead for non-compliants.

- sheriffscout2 - Unmarked Vapid Scout
An unmarked unit which offers a luxurious single-person compartment for those who decided to go mental.

- sheriffghost - Bravado Gauntlet A/C
High-speed unmarked unit, for those who have many patches and little head on their shoulders.

- sheriffenduro - Nagasaki Enduro
Agile solution for patrolling trail paths.

- sheriffblista - Dinka Blista
Funny little car, made only to sit in the grass at car shows. Beware, though, the quiet kid always has a secret in its pockets.

- sheriffsar - Declasse Search & Rescue Truck
Medium-sized truck for urban and hillside Search and Rescue tasks.

- sheriffalamoold - Declasse Alamo Retro
The most common LSSD SUV in 90's, one of the last of its kind in service nowadays.

- sheriffriataold - Vapid Riata Retro
A durable off-road truck for the toughest of places.

- sheriffold2 - Declasse Brigham
The spirit of 80's policing, heavy and boxy.

- sheriffold3 - Albany Esperanto
Smaller vintage sedan for chill days without pursuits.

- sheriffretro - Declasse Voodoo
An old-school cruiser with way more raw power than it can handle.

- sheriffretro2 - Dundreary Regina
A wagon-body land barge with, as a trend of the era - way more engine than it needs. Can take a doggo for a fun ride.

- sheriffmoon - Declasse Moonbeam
Community services? Promoting one of the most corrupted law agencies in San Andreas? This van will take any boring job with ease. Don't drive it in Davis for too long.

- sheriffvanold - Brute Boxville Retro
Service van for when fire comes from the sky.

- sheriffsparrow - Nagasaki Sparrow
Modernised Korean-era surveillance helicopter. Well, at least it can fly.

- sheriffbuzzard - Nagasaki Buzzard
Modernised Vietnam-era attack helicopter. This time, no weapons other than a massive spotlights array.

- sheriffboat - Rubber Boat
A dinghy with a big pew.

- sheriffshark - Speedophile Seashark
A jetski...

If you think you've been miscredited, or your name should be in this list but it isn't - please contact me and forgive me. It's hard to keep track of everything and everyone with a project of this size.

Special thanks to:
- Now disbanded Lorify and currently active LoreHub community members and staff for love, help and support.
- 11john11 for his original LSPD and LSSD Packs, for help, inspiration, ideas, critics, assets, and huge amounts of reference images and videos.
- Nacho, RED-ITA and That Retro Guy, Nee__, Peter for, respectively: German, Italian, French and Portuguese localizations of the mod.
- Monky for immense amount of research and documentation of audio files, complete reworks of some vehicles and much more.
- Eddlm for his extensive work on handling configurations, his research and a useful tool: Friendly Handling File Editor.
- PNWParksFan for his research of vehicle extras system, a very useful Live Lights plugin that saves us lots of time with editing emergency lighting.
- le_shark for teaching me how to Blender, love and a quick tour around his city.
- TheMaybeast for his Dynamic Lighting System plugin.
- Officer620 for a clean mechanical siren sound recording.
- All people who donated me during the development of this mod, thus supporting my further work on it.
- And to all other contributors of this mod.

Contact me
Discord: w/#7263
Here in comments (please, not through gta5-mods.com Forums)
Discord Server

Use this mod wherever you want. Re-uploading is allowed as long as proper credits are given, a link to this page is present and a message to me is sent. No monetization of this mod on FiveM servers or by "paywalling" it is allowed in any form. Thank you.

If you like my work and want to support me, please consider donating here at Boosty. Unfortunately this seems to be the only service that's currently working in my country. My apologies for the inconvenience and thank you.
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