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Vapid Sandstorm [Add-on | Tuning | Liveries | LODs] 2.1a


Introducing the remarkable Vapid Sandstorm, a truck that draws its inspiration primarily from the Ford F250 while incorporating distinctive design elements reminiscent of the Chevy 2500.

This is my very first modeled and ported vehicle. While I admit that it may not be flawless, I am fully aware of its imperfections and have embraced the lessons learned throughout the entire process of making this vehicle. I've learnt a lot during this process, allowing me to expand my knowledge and skills in vehicle design.

I have several other versions in the plans for future releases of this truck, such as a single cab and a performance version. However, if anyone is interested in taking the truck and making their own customized versions, such as police variants, I encourage you to do so! Do not monetize or reupload the model anywhere else without my permission, If you're interested in making your own variants of it, reach out :)




-Drag tf_sandstorm to your dlcpacks folder. Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
-Locate your dlclist through this path
Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml
- Add the following line to your dlclist



Fixed window crash on windscreen & window lr
Fixed dually collisions
Added 9 liveries thanks to TheGoldenRetriever19

Fixed Awning & Bike combination on the camper
Fixed FiveM primary color issue
Added FiveM stream resource thanks to L'Kid

Fixed some LOD & collision issues
Fixed headlight issue for certain players
Fixed close-up camera
Fixed weird grille shading
Fixed some normals
Added vertex paint for deformation & burn
Added 3 new liveries thanks to L'kid
Added 2 rollbar and toolbox mod options

Added Sandstorm Spark, EV version.
Optimized texture dictionaries
Added a livery in remembrance of Nathan from Ydrop, thanks to Charli501 & L'kid

Fixed tire textures not appearing on Sandstorm for certain users.

Fixed wheel textures on Sandstorm XL
Fixed EV Gauges being in all vehicles.


Myself - Everything not mentioned below.
EPICXNUTS - Handling & bug testing.
L'kid, TheGoldenRetriever19 & Myself - Liveries
Dani02 - Advice & help with collision hierarchy
Rockstar Games - Various small parts for the mod options
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