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Zastava 101 | 1100 [Add-On | Tuning | Livery | Template | LODs] 1.0


The "Zastava 101" (also known as the "Zastava 1100" and "Skala 55") was the Yugoslav version of the Fiat 128. Dante Giacosa's hatchback version was rejected in Fiat as unsuitable for the Italian market, but accepted in Zastava. At first it was a great car. Production began in 1971, the year after the Fiat 128 was proclaimed European Car of the Year in 1970. But, like many other cars in communist countries it was produced for too long so time ran out. This car even continued to be produced after the collapse of Yugoslavia and communism. It was produced and sold in Serbia until 2008. In the time to which it did not belong, it no longer looked so beautiful :(

But I will, personally, remember it as an indispensable part of my childhood and growing up ... my 70s :)

I found the base model in "Half-Life: Alyx", but I also used some other models that I was able to find ... some parts I made myself.

In addition to the standard, I also made a version with ex-yugoslav registration plates. Two letters and six numbers (in that order) can be personalized. There are also additional tuning options for license plates (through the front bumper), Serbian or Croatian for example (two letters-three numbers-space-two letters). Serbian license plates also have two corresponding Cyrillic letters below the state coat of arms.
There are a few more options for the front or rear bumper, some include extra lights that work, even break down along with the headlights. There are also three grille options, like facelifting, also with breakable working lights.
Also there is a Cage and two exhausts for racing look.
Roof rack with two different versions of luggage, Fake police siren, or sunstrip - are tuning on the roof.
Some of them correspond to liveries: Ex-Yu police (3 versions: Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian) or "Kragujevac-Kilimanjaro" expedition.There is a template for livery, and livery mods are unlocked, so you can edit it.
Just like liveries, three more steering wheels are available through "Benny's", and the color of the interior can be changed.
Nodding dog is extra again, and again, there is a car key that swings while driving.

For both versions of the car: working lights, doors, breakable glass, dirt-dust-burnt map, inner glass does not turn black after upgrade...etc (if something is wrong, please report, I would fix If I can). LODs should help the performance.

5 LODs:

high ......58.107
and very low..496 polygons

high .......58.398
low......... 7.713
and very low...496 polygons


1.Open the folder with preferable licence plates
2.Copy "zastava101" folder to :\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
3. Using OpenIV, go to: \Grand Theft Auto V\\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data — find the "dlclist.xml"
and add the following line:

spawn:cars -> Compacts -> Zastava 101

If you want to replace car, you can extract car and replace "Blista". It will all work fine, except dials and tuning.

That's it, I hope you will like it.

Naj Potez, 06.IX.2021.
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