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New AR-15 (Animated) 1.1


At first, I'd like to thank @rappo for his donation, which I invested into Zmodeler, so I can bring y'all animated guns. So thank you very much rappo, you're the one and only that has donated. Appreciate the love!
Well, here it is, another version of the AR-15 which I personally like more, cus' I know the AR-15's like this. Thanks Venom, for linking the picture of this AR.
It's animated, I finally found out with some help from Trophi_Hunter, so probz to him!

I will update this AR, the sights are a little of due the fact that the weapon wouldn't line up correctly with the mag entry, I'm not really a fan of 1st person in GTA, but I'll update it. I'm also planning to make some modifications on the mods for the weapon, like sights lazers, ect. I included a custom magazine model in this one.

And ye what can I add, the trippy texture glitch is forever gone now, you'll see the custom model on peds and you'll see it too in cutscenes.

Enjoy it y'all, I'm planning to update most of my weapons with animations, not all since 2-3 are a bit low quality, I'll get some higher quality versions of those.

More coming!

And oh yea, I noticed that some people were complaining in @Vans123 's comment section that the animations didn't worked, and it didn't work for me either. Why didn't it work? Cus' I tested it on my Pirated GTA, but on my legit version the anims work. So if it ain't workin' it's because yo' GTA is pirated, so if you really want it, I suggest you buy the game.

That's about it homies, enjoy dis! Shoutout to my homeboy @IRideIndependent , I bet you like dis one cuz'!

Installation: Go to Grand Theft Auto V\(Mods)\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\weapons.rpf\ and replace the files there.

V1.1 Added the mag ytd, forgot it my bad.
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