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New Jungle/Bayou Biome 1.1


This map turn the lago Zancudo into a huge Jungle
This map is not finish yet, I've in mind to make it in 2 or 3 version (Lowend, Midend and Highend config), to add more event in it, may more thing again ;)

If you want make a video pls put the song " Jungle boogie " from Kool and the Gang since they give me the idea xP

If you dislike the way plant are moving or even if you want earn some FPS (the FPS drop is not so hard compare to the size of this Jungle ;) Then turn water quality to low.

It's perfect for a zombie mod, video or whatever you think it's useful xP
Also if anyone is able to transform an animal into alligator it would be great ;P

Right now it contain 4 event ;
_drug trafic
_ a girl party
_some strange musician you'll know what I'm talking about when you will see them xD)
_ A hided cave with funny people making a party in it

If you've any suggestion, feedback, etc give it and take part of the project ! ;)


1°) Get a working Map Editor :

Author: Guadmaz
(note if you can get the map editor to work, then ask for some help on the proper page not here, you'll have more and a better help on map editor page)

2°) Instal Object Spawn Unlocker 1.0 findable into the ZIP by putting it into your Gta Main folder
Author : GTA Multiplayer Team

3°) rename the "expendedobjectlist" from map editor ZIP to " Objectlist "
(it will replace the original one)

4°)Add the 10K list mod content to your " objectlist "
(simply past it into the list)

or simply use my objectlist

5°) place the xml file " jun1 " into your main Gta Folder

6°) Once ingame open your map editor (F7) and load the map " jun1 "

7°) Enjoy, have fun, don't laugh on musician that their first time they play, and don't shot the girls ! xD don't shot the shark too ;) Well When I said don't, I suggest to try it at least once with melee weapon ^^

Hope you like the Idea ;)

Thank to Guadmaz for his awesome map editor, and to GTA Multiplayer Team for their Object Spawn Unlocker that unlock so much cool object ;)

Changelog :
1.1 removed shark, and killer whale since they don't want attack (animals have a bug with relationship that make them do nothing except fear and go away unfortunately ;S
Added a little cave a bit hided, with some really funny people in it I'll not say more about them ;)
Removed the musket from a ped hided close from the girl party, so if you attack the girl with mele weapon you'll suffer ^^ (don't attack them with fire weapon cause it just make them run away instead of fighting you and that less funny ) and they will not run away cause of the armed and hided ped.
Made the jungle a bit bigger to hide the cave, added some relief too.
Corrected the floating boat next the drug deal.
replaced the strange musician from some meters.
Added 2 monster truck (one on each side from the north road), and some boat

If you like my mapping you could like :
Trilakes Town
Mysterious Island
Plant Invasion
Alamo Bridge
And some minor other ;)
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