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TriLakes Town Project 1.1


As my previous map it bring a new town/island but this one is really bigger and made in an other way.
This map have an airport, an harbor (you can set the door of the Harbor dynamic ! just they will not stop to move till you unchecked the dynamic box xD), two lakes on alamo (not really water but just a texture unfortunatly ;P), a big town, etc
Before complaining about anything be sure you followed all instructions (mostly the loading) and read everything (if you don't understandd something feel free to ask me) cause else you'll may encounter trouble !

Well, this map is not really for LOWEND config since it use a lot of veg ! (But you can still try by lowering the game graphics) for other it should be ok since I load it on my laptop ;)
The Loading will take 1 min (more or less depending from your config)
If you don't respect the Location area for loading the map (second picture) you can encounter trouble from object that don't load (sand,river,lake and road) to a crash so respect this point.
An strange bug make can (rarely now i save the map after this bug occur) make object rotate at loading wich explain the foot underground and some rock from the cliff that moved (but it will be better than for my first island ;)

Max limit prop:
I completly forget it was lowered from 2040 to 1800 xD wich mean I can't add any more ped vehicle and finish the house So i'll have to remove something to complete the map, I'm working on it so say me if you got any idea on what you'll like to be added or removed ;) I'll have to make a choice.

For a better render you can set the "draw distance" into Map Editor Settings from ddefault to 3000 (with 3000 you can see the island from high in the sky)

Installation :
> Step 1.) You need to have a working map editor :
  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/map-editor

  • (If you can't get it to work don't come here to ask how but on map editor page, and I'll try to help you ;)
    You also need to use the " extendobjectlist" from map editor as objectlist (require O.S.U)

    > Step 2.) Object Spawn Unlocker : Well the version 1.1 is bugged for me so I'm using the 1.0 so if you have the same problem use the one I put into the zip (1.0)
    (this link will provide version 1.1 thaat not work for all that why i added the version 1.0 that should work fine into the zip ;)

    > Step 3.) " 10k objectlist " mod :https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/object-list-10k

    > Step 4.) Once you get all this stuff you'll have to put the map into your Gta5 main folder/root

    > Step 5.) Start the game,
    you'll have to load the map in the location displayed into the second picture (if you don't all road/sand/river can be removed when loading and it can even crash !!! ;O So make it from the location of picture 2 Please.
    (just over the dirt under water)

    Open Map editor and Load map " tril " ;D (it will take some time depending from your config)

    If you find any object that look to not be well placed (well i say you the loading have change some little thing but since it did it once it don't look to do it again) then report it by a picture and i'll correct it.
    Also i've well setted the ground suiting to the road texture but the loading process can make sometime change it

    Don't hesitate to like ;) also if people could understand that i'm not responsible of any crash (Im only an user of map editor) and not bad rate cause of this like kid then it would be great. If you encounter any trouble ask me !
    I remember you the crash will occur for two reason, a lowend coonfig or a loading into the bad area.

    Big thank to Guadmaz for his awsome huge fat mega ultra cool Map Editor
    and to GTA Multiplayer team and K3nil for all objject they added ;) !

    1.1 changelog :
    . deleted the player house that I've begun (that too sad but it make me save a lot of prop/ I'll make an island fully deserved to a playerhouse)
    . remplaced some palm arround the island by Oliv tree in order to save some prop
    . added sand and plant to some area where it was missing
    . added more ped and vehicle (you can suggest me what you would like to see ;)
    . Set the harbor door dynamic since some user don't know how to do this.
    . Improved a bit the harbor and airport
    . added some other minor change

    Keep tuned for next update (not right now since I'm on other project)
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